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[3.1.2] JWL Gaming Tekkit[No Griefing][No PvP][64 Slots][Towny][LWC][iConomy]

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I also want to know if its possible for me to move my town to the nether, but I need to know two things...

1.) Can you use Towny to create a town in the nether?

2.) I already have a town in the overworld and to move it to the nether I need to disband and recreate. Will I get a refund to do so?

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ok, we're back up, i'm going to have to disable Computer craft again due to it's high CPU usage apologies, this will be done at 10pm BST on the 23rd of June to give you time to re-lock doors etc.

maggotking, you can't move your town to the nether as towny isn't enabled in it due to various issues, which I guess renders your second question pointless ;)

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Such a shame, i was going to beat the highscore ;)

Ill be on later this week, planning to finish the HungerGames arena (yes its still there). Got some really good idea's for it. you will see it when its done ;)

-~-~-~-~-~-Edit Line-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

I Think our server post is outdated, and that it should be upgraded to what the server looks like after the map reset. Leave a reply to say what you think. And idea's on what buildings to post. I'm willing to Edit the server post, Got alot of free time coming up.

How to be part of the ''competition'':

If you have a really cool building/town/ship, then post a few screenshots of it here on the forums.The only thing that i want them to be is awesome. A screenshot of a town is also possible, just make it look good. Im willing to provide some materials if you are planning to make a building for the competition( from my ingame made money)(99.9% legit).

Rewards and Deathline.

I will reward the maker(s) of the best building(s) with some cool ingame stuff. Ill even let Igor make a statue of you in the spawn area if you want :) I hope to see some really cool screenshots! This ''competition'' will be closed on 1 July, 0:00 (Central Europa) ( +1 hour for those who live in England).

How do I select the best buildings?

I will look at all the screenshots at 1 July. There must be atleast 5 screenshots from 5 different people posted for someone to be able to win the competition. If there are not enough screenshots then I will make the screenshots myself, also no one will be rewarded for all the effort.

Rules of the competition:

1: Dont ask Mods/Admins/Owners for free items. they will give you noone.

2: Dont say that someone's building is ugly. motivate them instead.

3: Dont fight over buildings.

4: Make it awesome.

5: Make me a happy admin <3.

What do you do when you win the competition?

1: get your ass on the server

2: Celebrate

3: recieve your ingame reward

4: dont pass out

5: dont use caps while celebrating.

6: drink rum.

7: dont die

8: have a smile on your face

What can you also do for the new server post?

if you are good with fraps, or any other recording device. Then ask the owner ( jd210 or mrbabe ) if you can make a server trailer. Now that you are able to fly with jetpack (ty jd) you can actually make some really good montage's of the servers buildings. If you have all the montage we ask of you (the owner/admins/mods will tell you what to make a clip of) then send it to the JWL email adress (can be found on our website www.jwlgaming.netii.net). Then we will make a montage of your clips and post it on the server post (your In Game Name will be in the clip). If youre a [visitor] then you will be rewarded the [resident] rank, also you will recieve alot of ingame stuff and ingame money. If youre already a [resident] or a donator then I will have to think of an otherway to reward you.

This will also be announced a few times on the server by [broadcast]. So that you will be reminded of it ;) I hope that we will get alot of feedback and screenshots. And cya guys on the server.

Also Important for certain people:

(we will also not give gamemode to make buildings. malak and igor...dont give free stuff the coming weeks, this needs to be legit)( that also means that you cant give them money to buy stuff)(and i want a statue of myself in spawn area igor >.>)( and one for mrbabe)( Mods/Admins/Owners cant win the competition).

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one word for you comps jipp, Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! i will be very happy to talk to anyone who wishes to make a trailer and heck if it's really good i'll add $10 to your donation total so any visitors will go straight to Iron donator!

now thats what im talking about :)

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Update to my towers for the building competition

I call them The T-Towers

One is full of pure darkness and the other is full of pure light

And in the middle there's the circle of peace where the 2 mighty wizards come to talk




simply awesome. this will come in the server trailer for sure, even in the new server post if you ask me. good work! keep it up. you are allowed to post multiple buildings ;)

shadow, A. your post does not make sense and B. we won't let you back on as you'd had enough chances

A: agree. B: double agree

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My apologies for the server crash this moring, I dont know what where the cause of this, I will ask jd later. It seems that this happens alot the last time. We will be adding somethings to make the server less laggy and make sure it wont crash.

I have also started building on my Airship Docking Station in spawn, be sure to chech it out when your machine's are rolling ;)

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OK i know i am not good in English gramer but i understand that u want unbaned me ever but i just want to state that i know i got 2 bans for being a ofensive person but i want to make a statement that the last time i got banned it was an accident igor taught i destroyed his stuff but hi crafted something with them before i just saying that was not fair ban but same time u could say that i was a dick before but after 2 before ban i did even said anything to anyone i only talked to swagg panda. OK i know i want get unbaned but i just wanted to say.bye iTzShadowPL

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Shadow, this has been told to you before, and I will repeat it again for the LAST time. You have had more chances then ANYONE else on the server. Most people get banned after one, small grief. You where banned TWICE. One time for GRIEFING and randomly KILLING people. After you where unbanned and JWL Gaming switched over to Tekkit, you started using VIOLENT language against STAFF members. That was the second time you where banned. Jd and Mrbabe didnt want you to come back on the server again, still i gave you a final chance to proof yourself by unbanning you. But short after that, you got banned again for blowing up Igors stuff. Even if you DIDNT blow up his stuff, Igor told me that you where annoying him before that happened, and when i told you to stop it, you didnt. You kept going after i logged out. short after that you blew up Igors stuff. Igor was pissed off and thats understandable. So he went to get Iamsmallgnome, who banned you. Even if you didnt got banned by Iamsmallgnome, I would have had done that myself. NOONE of the JWL Gaming staff will reply to your post on the tekkit forums in the future, We simply have given you too MANY chances and you just abused them.

I hereby speak on behalf of all the JWL Gaming Staff -Jippuper, Admin of JWL Gaming

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I agree with everything that Jipp just said however as my memory goes the last time you were banned was not for blowing up igors stuff but something else which i had already told you. we only ban people when we have proof of what they have done wrong.

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