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[3.1.2] JWL Gaming Tekkit[No Griefing][No PvP][64 Slots][Towny][LWC][iConomy]


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I would like to apply for moderator.

INGAME NAME: alfwestham

TIME ZONE:london

WHY: beacause i am mod on 5 other servers and i am co owner of three so i will now what i am doing and i am very freindly to all types of people i never do anthing that is not aloud and i will be on nearly every day for 2 hours so i will be constantly.

BUILT:A massive diamond factory which made 300 diamonds a day on singleplayer and on another i made a giant staatue with eyes that opened and shut!

Yeah so i would love to make my 5 a 6 and i would love to help out on an eppic server

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Hello, I'de like to apply for a Resident Application if possible

my IGN is: Agent_Whisp

Ive Been Playing on the server for quite some time now, ive been playing for Approximently 3 quarters of a year and i really love it!

Why should u make me a Resident?: Well, I think I should be a resident because i am... Nice, Helpful, Always ready for a challenge and I just love JWL Tekkit all together!

So I hope that you will accept me into Resident Position and I will try my best to make a difference in the amount of people that dont play JWL Tekkit

P.S: Server is Awesome!

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Okay, I have been very busy with various things the past few days but reading the forum when i got the chance makes me think this. I'm also kind of sad because Spicy will be away most of August leaving me alone, and him little free time 'till school starts again. You kind of promoted him at a bad time. -.-


We have now upgrades to 5GB of RAM and 60 slots!

Umm... Is that really necessary?

2.) I just love (jk, hate) all the people applying for moderator who have never been on the server (to my knowledge and when I'm on, I'm on all day) or haven't even read the OP the entire way through. By the way "Katniss Everdeen", even though we know you are not Katniss Everdeen, I haven't seen you on ever and you say you've been on for three fourths of a year? Has the server even been up that long?

3.) Can't wait until the map reset (and hopefully its a FULL reset as well). With the new moderator position I still want to do as much survival as possible.

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