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[3.1.2] JWL Gaming Tekkit[No Griefing][No PvP][64 Slots][Towny][LWC][iConomy]

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Your in game name: Bro_Ninja_

How long you have played on the server:2 Hours

Why we should make you a resident:from these two hours ive been on this server its been a great time may not have much people, I barely talk tho but ive never greifed on the server [AND I WILL MAKE SURE] and Ive listened to all the rules agreed to them and well ya I hope to become a resdent soon ^^

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Your in game name:Wifimax1

How long you have played on the server:About A Week.. I Play Regular Amount Every Day And Hop To Continue

Why we should make you a resident:I Live On The Moon With A Friend And would like to have 3 homes to get around easier...i tend to die alot i could use /back..... its hard to find/get to people when i need like my friend

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