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[Voltz 1.0.13]RamodoCraft[PvP/Grief/Raid/Factions][20][All Mods]

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server rules:

no cheating

no excessive swearing (a little is ok - just keep it PG 13)

you cant grief spawn, but if you find a way then your bannedRamodoDome.jpg

no spamming

no advertising

no begging or whining

There are no removed mods

There are no banned items

(Only restricted items are rejuvination explosives, and the armbot)

Hi everyone im announcing my new server setup to the public!

This is the first official open server I'm running, so if you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, reports or requests send me a PM.

I plan for this server to be an all out war between the players on it, featuring factions so people can easily team up and take down! This server also has working obsidian items and naturally spawning uranium so people can create nukes, antimatter bombs and even the red-matter bomb! Cryodo and I will also be featuring a couple of dungeons/site-seeing zones with epic lootz to try and keep the server interesting over time.

Server up-time 24/7

The community just got started, so right now im looking for people who can get out into the land and get started making their bases and factions form the ground up. Our best player _Qbism_X_ has been working very hard by himself mostly and has already achieved nuclear power!

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quick update

Switched server to MCPC+ for better compatibility with essentials.

The End is now unblocked.

added the /back command for players

- -excluding back on death

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Added a Shop

- War Shop

-- sells bombs, rockets, launchers, ect.


- Misc Shop

-- misc stuff


--ender pearls

-Music Shop


Added a Tradeing Feature

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added multilanguage

I request that only english is spoken in public chat

all other languages will be able to use their own channels

use /ml help to see commands

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will be having a 1st and 4th of July celebration,

we will be giving everyone a fireworks trail to use so that every time they take a step a firework goes off!

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