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Quarry in the Nether

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I need the quartz for AE

Wait... vanilla nether quartz -which was introduced in 1.5- is not the same as AE's Certus Quartz. I think it was renamed to Certus to avoid confusion.

Having said that, one way to power a BC Quarry in the nether is by using a TE Magmatic Engine which you can feed with lava.

Hope that helps.

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Oh, I see what you mean now. That happened to me the last 3 times I tried to set a quarry in the nether. I would leave the quarry working and upon returning I'd see the main tool retracted after a few layers and a pool of lava.

My solutions are:

  • Babysit the operation and cover any lava source found
  • Accept my destiny and relocate the quarry hopping that the next location is going to be lava-free

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You have another option, and that's pouring oil on the top layer of the hole. You don't need 81 oil buckets for a 9x9 quarry, you just need to make sure the whole quarry area is covered with oil, whether it be flowing or not.

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Yeah, it still works.

You can do that as well. Just use an Aqueous Accumulator and Glacial Precipitator to create Ice at a minimal cost of energy.

If you place Ice in the Nether, and break it while a solid block is under it, it'll create a water source block. If you place the Ice diagonally in the Quarry hole, you'll need 9 Ice blocks for a 9x9 quarry.

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