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good program for recording minecraft gameplay

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MSI Afterburner kinda sorta slightly has video capture for nVidia cards.

Install a free Un*x OS like Ubuntu and there are oodles of free video-capture options.

Yeah, GNUrecordmydesktop (or something like that) worked good for me... Heck, look up HAK5's video on how to just use the X windowing system to record your desktop. Think Nixie Pixel also did a video about what she uses to record her desktop. Note that you should play around with the FPS recording setting till you get it to record at a good quality.

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Just a idea, haven't tested this, don't know if it will perform good, or at all, but VLC has a built in desktop record mode.

Oh yeah, I believe it does, I used it to (attempt) to stream once. Didn't get far as I could not for the life of me figure out how to output the data. I will give recording a shot and report back my findings.

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