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WOAH WHAT! Did you guys know its a COUNTDOWN?

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The music on the Hexxit page is getting me really pumped for this, and at times like this I hate my slow internet >_<

Also, there's apparently a mod unique to this pack called 'Hexxit gear' by SCT. Sounds pretty interesting.

Me and you both, slow internet sucks man.

Still downloading, you guys are lucky :(

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cool decorative stuff, chocobos, better dungeons/towers, extra dimensions, alot of weapon and gear mods, infernal mobs (im happy about this one :D), Twighlight Forest (always a favorite of mine), alot of other world gen mods... and more.

this is looking like one of the best and most robust "adventure/ RPG-ish" packs ever :D

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Here's the description of Hexxit Gear from the Readme:

Three ancient armors of legend, lost to the world. Can you restore the pieces one by one and reclaim one of these powerful sets of armor for yourself?

Hexxit Gear is a simple mod that adds interesting and unique pieces of armor to the game. Each armor is crafted by collecting an especially rare resource known as "Hexical Essence." If you collect enough you will be able to enchant diamonds and sow them into the thread of your armor, restoring the legendary pieces to their former glory.

Each set grants unique bonuses and has a completely unique style like no set of armor you have ever seen before in Minecraft!

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Ooh, shiny! I'm rather pleased with the download speed, thought the server would have been utterly flooded by now.

Nevermind. I retract that statement.

EDIT: I haven't even started playing and already java is eating ungodly amounts of ram. As much as it can physically get without killing other processes, it appears.

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So the first thing I did was find a Dimensional Doors dungeon right next to my spawn, thought it was a good idea to go in, and then I ended up in Limbo.


You know, Limbo is a lot less empty than I remember it.

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The DimDoors mod got updated with those freaky monoliths. They actually have the power to send you to Limbo if you attempt to bypass the traps within, as they use the Enderman sight code to detect you looking at them, and if you gaze into the abyss for too long...

Props to whoever designed the floating castles. Never saw that thing at the top coming.

Ruins Mod. They make great bases once you deal with the spawners.

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