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Mysterious Constellation Picture

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed small "tears" in the platform that, when clicked on, send you to There, there is a much larger picture with three constellations, a star field background, and eight strange symbols, some of which keep changing. I have already tried, and it does not seem to be written in the Greek Alphabet or the Standard Galactic Alphabet, despite similarities. The picture itself cannot be copied, only the constellations. This thread is to discuss what it might be. If they have already said what it is, and I just missed them saying that and am making a complete fool of myself, please do not hesitate to tell me (unless they haven't, in which case I kindly ask you to take your lies elsewhere).

Here are the left and right constellations as they appear when they light up (the middle one doesn't include the background when I try to copy it, go to the website to see that one):


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