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anyone know how to cast parts for tools

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You have to have a smeltery, a table to catch the molten "ingots", a cast of the tool head you want to use and the parts it requires, a spout to pour the molten material, and, of course, the material of choice in molten state. There should be a manual in the game that tells you exactly how to craft, set up and use each block.

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You don't actually need to smelt the slime crystals. Just put the stencil in the left hand slot of the Part Builder and then the crystal in the slot just right of this. This will create the part in the right hand slot (as well as a chunk - I forget what's its called with Silme - which can be used to make more parts).

I'd recommend looking up DireWolf20's video on YouTube of Tinkers Construct, it's pretty informative.

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