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[Big Dig 1.3.9] Kenjico's Big Dig Server! [PvE] [Whitelist]

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in game name: lerooster69



I have played minecraft for 2 years xbox and pc I have played on technic for about 7 months

I have never been banned from a server. I would like to learn more about big dig and build wonderful shit

You've been added and whitelisted! Enjoy

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IGN: tybeans

AGE: 16


EXPERIENCE: haven't been playing for the longest time but still am epic at tekkit and stuff similar.

ME: I have a thing for making things machines work in a efficient and quick way in the game and I like to have fun with others I can trust. If there is a Q about IC2 BC and similar mods I think I should be able to help.

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Ingame: Stanlehcopter

Age: 14

Location: USA, PA (I am support to all country <3)

Minecraft experience to date: 1 year, 7 months. Experienced with all to do. Including doing engineer stuff.

A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server: I was looking for whitelisted server because i want to be serious with cool groups. and I hate people who doing jerks and breaking rules.

Anything else you think we should know: Well, i don't want you get bad feeling for me, I am deaf because of my mom diabol. And i am engineer, computer technician. Also i am experienced creating own website. I have created three websites. (powergaming.tk, powardgaming.com, and blog.powergaming.tk) and My cousin is elite designer. I was thinking you might looking for website developer who can set up everything like Admin Control/Server. And one more thing i have aunt who is higher elite computer technician who can setup real-life server and configuring. And fixer too.

Thanks you for reading this. I hope you accept me and use me for do something.

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  • In game name : Robotdog2000
  • Age : 14
  • Location (Preferably UK) : I live in Canberra , Australia ( Straya Mate)
  • Minecraft experience to date: Been playing MC since 1.8 beta and have only recently starting messing around with Big Dig
  • A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server : I was recently playing tekkit and got bored of it so I thought " Hey Why not play on Big Dig mayun?" So now here I am.
  • Anything else you think we should know : Have not been banned on any servers in the past , I know the basics of tekkit's mods and I hope I shall be accepted.
  • If not I completely understand.

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Tybeans, Eonlights17, Stanlehcopter and RobotDog, Welcome to the server!

My only worry is that the server is UK based, and there seems to be a lot of US interest on the server. This may cause you some lag, but hopefully it shouldn't be an issue.

Just also, a word of warning. We are awaiting big digs update to the latest version .13 when it's released.

This should fix a lot of the issues currently in the mod pack!

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IGN: hoodster25

Age: 19

Location: US

Looking for a server that is for maybe that has more mature players in a sense and not too many people whom are under the age 16 seeing that there can be much easier to play and not have someone who is a tad young and be raging for no reason. Also have ran my server for a charity for about 4 months before already, been a moderator on a few servers and have played minecraft since Alpha and played with mods for about a year or so.

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