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[1.6.x/1.5.x] Redstone In Motion (Redpower Frames) (October 8)


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I know its not really the right forum, since I'm using the FTB pack, but I couldn't find a post there.

I just tried to set up RiM on my test server, running Unleashed 1.1.7

The server is running all default unleashed mods pluss these:





MCPC+ /w PEX and ForgeBackup plugin

Enchanting Plus


Hats stand.

The server crashes while trying to load in RiM.

Pastebin of log: http://pastebin.com/xb5ig5f6

I'm assuming the installation is the usual place the .zip file in mods directory.

I'm going to take another look at the logs when I get home from work today, see if I can work something out.

I would really love to get this mod working on my server, seeing as it's instrumental to a project I have in mind.

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Wireless receivers don't update after it has moved, so if it was on when it started to move, it will stay on until you break the receiver which will crash your game and probably a server 9/10 times. Guess I have to go all manual or CC

Edit: made the program, but everytime the frame move it restarts the computer again, is this normal? I just use the startup script to start my own script and changed the order so everytime it moves it starts again from top. But I lose my ability to just turn it off with a leaver, I can only turn it off, and after one cycle it just wont stop with or without redstone, wich its programmed to do.

So it works, but it has limits.

Scratch that.. Read a few pages of the tread, seems to be known xD Trying to make a mining well contraption without turtles, but don't seem to handle any kind of mining wells that great, mining wellplus and the stock one. Need to make the CC program 100 solid to make sure the mining well is not in the world when the frames move, or else.. insta crash. Though my world crash on loading.

Crashreport from AT launcher Overload pack: http://pastebin.com/B3qd7nF5 thermal expansion related? Here is another one: http://pastebin.com/NEsWj4H2

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ashreport from AT launcher Overload pack: http://pastebin.com/B3qd7nF5 thermal expansion related? Here is another one: http://pastebina.com/NEsWj4H2

That's Railcraft's aura blocks making a mess. I'm pretty sure they break more than a few other mods too. Turn them off in RC's config, or if possible don't use Railcraft.

BC mining wells on frame carriages seem to work fine.

I have a bug after i updated my dns techpack. After updating my Redstone in motion tunnel bore is crashing my client everytime i turn on the frame motor with a redstone signal.

Logs or no one can help you.

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Is there an interface tile entities or blocks can implement to know when they're being moved?

I'm not quite sure, but I've heard mention of the "validate" and "invalidate" methods of vanilla TileEntities.

DoverDemon, I haven't had good luck moving ForgeMultipart things on carriages, including WRCBE parts. If you're using Slimevoid's wireless redstone, I haven't tested it recently.

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Thank you for that link, not so crazy about the much higher costs (both base resources and maintenance with power costs and such) but the mod looks like it has alot of potential, and I'll definitely be doing his test to see how they handle on a RiM moving quarry.

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Well you didn't actually read the thread then, because it clearly says:

Fully persistent computers. ComputerCraft computers have to reboot whenever the chunk they're in is reloaded - for example after all players went out of range or you quit your single player game. This mod's computers don't. They just continue where they left off.
Emphasis mine.
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Is it normal for a mining well frame to dissapear after a few hours in a mystcraft age?

I had one go for about 3k blocks before bugging out to be stuck as "carriage spectre" but I believe my world anchor ran out of fuel.

This one I made last night went about 400 blocks before dissapearing completely. But ran flawlessly. It went a full 3 chunks in length and about 6 blocks wide only.

I had 3 world anchors, one in the middle of each chunk, loaded completely full of fuel.

The server stayed active during this time.

48 mining wells, thick glass frame, dimensional transceivers connected to ender io conduits , 144 me transistion planes with an me controller and storage bus.

What could have caused this?

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