[1.2.10c]1.6.4 Xeon Gaming Tekkit Server [PvE][75 slots][Greylist][No Mods Removed!]

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Server IP:

Community Owner: kimbo1893

Server Admin: stavlor

Community Admin: iCiaran

Xeon gaming community - I first began this community with a friend of mine.

We originally made a Bukkit server and now have Tekkit running.

Our Tekkit server is a 40 slot, 24/7 server (EXCLUDING any unexpected crashes that we may not know about)which we try and make as lag free and as fast as we can within reason of our capabilities.

Our main purpose is to provide a gaming establishment for members to come hang out,

meet new people,

have a laugh and enjoy games for what they truly are without the pressures of life to hold us back.

Sure, there are arguments and sometimes actions have to be taken but with the support of the admins (including myself) and our dedicated staff members,

we aim to get passed these problems and make this community a safe and fun place for everyone of all ages to enjoy.


Our website contains a forum which enables people to share opinions, discuss anything with members,

post server suggestions, apply for a position as staff and even appeal a ban.

We highly recommend joining us on the website as the latest server and community is posted on there to keep our members up to date.

Website address:


We offer a teamspeak server for people to join and chat while playing on our server or even playing other games with our members.

We would like people to join and socialize with us to become a friendly place to be.

Our current members are friendly and enjoy being a part of the community (shown by the lasting time that they have been with us).

They (including myself) are often on TeamSpeak talking to each other and willing to introduce themselves to new faces.

A lot of us play other games together while on TeamSpeak, besides Minecraft.

Teamspeak ip:


Our disabled mods include:

  • DD (dimensional doors) is completely disabled

Addition notes about modes:

  • Mystcraft - We ask that players only have 1 world per team of players/player and don't explore more then 600 radius (This is just to make sure that the server runs smoothly and effectively without anything causing lag)


Our banned items are shown below:

  • Dynamite
  • Battle axes
  • Plasma Cannon
  • Toxic waste
  • Matter Cannon
  • TNT/Mini TNT


Our most important current installed plugins are shown below:

  • Permissions Ex (Staff/Admin use, used for permissions)
  • ClearLag (An auto entity clearer, It can be an annoying plugin but helps with stability)
  • DeathChest (Have a chest in your inventory and when you die your things will be put it, This is mainly to stop clearlag deleting your entities. (Only 1 single chest per person, more perks with donations)
  • Buycraft (Our donation plugin with great packages, All money goes back towards the server)
  • ScheduledAnnouncer2 (For our broadcasts in game)
  • Prism (Anti-grief plugin, enabling the logging of many things)
  • World Guard (Admin tool for guarding areas)
  • World Edit (Builder/Admin tool for building)
  • World Boarder (This is to ensure that players creates ages can only explore a certain radius (preventing any unnecessary server problems)
  • Essentials (Different permissions for different ranks as its an essential plugin, no pun intended)
  • LWC (Member and above, used for locking of chests, also added modded chests)
  • Voxel Sniper (Builder/Admin, Used for building)


Our Server rules are important to us, failure to follow these could result in a warning and eventually a ban. These rules are shown below:

  • No Mods, X-ray's or X-ray texture packs are allowed.
  • Stealing and griefing are NOT allowed.
  • Any exploitation of Minecraft mechanics is not allowed, and if found MUST be reported to a staff or admin ASAP.
  • No CAPS, Racism, or swearing in chat.
  • Always respect all members higher AND below your rank.
  • If you have a question or problem please ask kindly in the server chat (do not spam chat).
  • No SPAMMING in chat.
  • Please try and avoid floating buildings.


Being apart of the community also enables you to take part in our events/competitions.

Some days we will set up tournaments/competitions

(such as spleef, or even on a free steam game) which you are able to win steam games and in game prizes (prizes depend on how many people will be competing).

Other special days (for example Halloween) we will try and theme the server

(mainly spawn) to fit that event and run different events and even quizzes around that topic.

More information about what events/competitions are coming up is found on our website.


In order to get member on our server simply post you’re IGN (in game name) as a reply to this post.

When you have done this please let a member, who is staff or higher, know that you have posted and they should promote you immediately.

We apologies in advance for any delay in this and ask that you be patient.


My ign is Aztecmonkey3

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