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[1.2.10c]1.6.4 Xeon Gaming Tekkit Server [PvE][75 slots][Greylist][No Mods Removed!]


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Hello all. I posted my Grief Report on the Xeon Gaming Tekkit Issues/Problems forum but it doesn't look like anyone has had a chance to look at it. I'm not trying to pressure any of you, but it seems that being grieved has had a very negative effect on my friends' first impression of a public server. I fear if this problem isn't rectified soon they will quit public servers all together. I will stay with you either way, I'm just trying to help expand your community.

EDIT: Disregard I just logged on and it appears my issue has been solved.

EDIT: http://xeongaming.co.uk/threads/grief-report.504/

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