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[1.2.10c]1.6.4 Xeon Gaming Tekkit Server [PvE][75 slots][Greylist][No Mods Removed!]

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Wait is there a reason some folks get accepted and some don't, i understand limited space and what not but do you not see all the people applying, is it like youtube and you see only some of what you should or do you just ignoring some and accept others... cause if so that makes no sense.


Our apologises, it appears that the staff who accepted the member applications when you posted yours, never accepted yours. Therefore we apologise for this inconvience but i have accepted you application now.



IGN: Kirito_Kazuto99


I'm loving the server btw! :D


Application accepted, welcome! and thank you






Application accepted! welcome to our server and community! :)


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my IGN: nickmiz2


would really like to be a member please! :D




IGN: thefrankm96



IGN: SgtKilla

Thanks :)






IGN: youngkinne



IGN: JenGamer 




BaronBrocktree here, looking for access.

I did not see any acceptances for these players so I apologize for the wait and I hope you do enjoy yourselves on the server c:

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