[1.0.5] Horizon [PvP-Toggle][No-Griefing][100 Slots][Whitelist][Disabled DD]

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IGN (In Game Name): marti_in_war169


Why Horizon?:Because i want to play with a friend and it seems that is very good.

What is your goal on the server?: Have fun and discover Hexxit.

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IGN: MalachiteFish

Age: 10 (Trust me, I am mature.)

Why Horizon? I am looking for hexxit servers, and this sounded cool. Especially the ranking.

What is my goal on the server? To have fun! Maybe make a great house and make a full hexxit gear suit.

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IGN (In Game Name): Shadow159Cz

Age: 16

Why Horizon?: Because its the first server :)

What is your goal on the server?: Because I wanna meet new friends and play with them :)

Accepted and added to the White list.

Thank you and welcome to Horizon! :D

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IGN- Striker_X

Age- 16

Why Horizon? This forum made it look like a well run server so I figured I'd try to join :3

What is your goal on the server? To go to as many dungeons as I can along with maybe 1 or 2 others to join me.

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IGN ( in Game Name ) Kirito41


Why Horizon: sounds like a good server good rules

What your goal on the server- to explore hexxit

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IGN (In Game Name): ddman18

Age: Twelve years old. Although, you shouldn't be too quick to judge. Just saying.

Why Horizon?: From what I've read from this post, this seems like a small, friendly community that will let me survive with Hexxit without too many problems of a large server with, say, three hundred slots.

What is your goal on the server?: To practice and learn things about the modpack, as well as to do things, as I stated in the last question, without the problems of a larger server.

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IGN (In Game Name): Magnere

Age: 16

Why Horizon?: I've been looking for a really good Hexxit server to join fora while now.

What is your goal on the server?: To have fun with other members of the server.

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IGN (in game name): death27th

Age: 13 I am extremely mature

Why Horizon?: I love no greifing and optional PvP.

What is your goal on the server?: to learn more about the modpack and to build awesome things.

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Horizon is the latest server brought to you by Block by Block servers. Horizon is a new and exciting white listed server running the Hexxit pack. Try this brand new style of pack and carve your way through this dangerous world. Whether you want to create a vast sprawling nation through the Towny plugin or if you want to go solo and explore the world and battle monsters individually this is the server for you. In addition to this we also have several protection plugins and PvP-Toggle to ensure you creations are safe and secure. We have a dedicated and mature staff team with several years of running servers under their belt. If you want any further information regarding this server please feel free to contact me (aet2505).


Will be updated.

Mods disabled / restricted:



  • Dimensional Doors - Due to the high server load and potential world corruption this mod has been Disabled.


  • Ban management
  • ChestShop
  • Essentials
  • LWC
  • ModReq
  • Prism
  • PvPToggle
  • Towny
  • Vault
  • Votifier
  • Worldedit
  • Worldguard
  • World Border


NOTICE: A Ban on any BxB servers will result in an automatic Ban on all BxB servers


No Griefing

No Duplication

No Hacked Clients (included adding mods that give game play advantage like x-ray)

No Building or mining within towns of a 100 block radius without explicit permission from the town's mayor.

Do Not Intentionally abuse glitches or game mechanics.

No Harassment in any form to players or staff.

No excessive Pixel Art

No Creation of walls of water/lava.

Do not create huge automated mob farms (ie Ender farms)

No abuse of LWC and or looting chests while protected

Do not attempt to crash the server Any attempt = Perma Ban

Do not create mass amount of entities and not clean them up

Abuse of items will get them revoked and destroyed.


Griefing may be defined as:

Breaking into areas otherwise impossible to enter

Destroying blocks in another player's structure.

Taking other's peoples belonging without permission.

Placing blocks in or around a structure which you do not own.

Leave abusive messages in any form.

Teleporting group members to your person and engaging in hostile actions against said group members.

Causing mass entities spills and not cleaning up.

Chat Rules

The following actions are prohibited while in in-game chat channels, Team Speak, and any Horizon related forums:

Harassing, threatening, embarrassing, giving unwanted attention or discomfort to another player.

Keep swearing to a minimum.

Impersonation of any staff member.

Marketing, promoting or advertising of anything, or making any other form of solicitation.

The use of any language besides English in main chat channels (excludes private chat)

Spamming, begging, whining, and other similar forms of unwanted chat clutter.

Discussing religious/political views (We don't want to know)


If at any time you make a mistake that breaks any of the rules let the staff know and we will fix it.


By Applying and Playing on the Horizon Server you agree to these rules.


Player Ranks


  • Default Rank upon joining the server.


  • Obtained after 24 hour of game play


  • Obtained after 75 hour of game play


  • Obtained after 150 hour of game play

Staff Ranks

Trial Moderator:

  • This rank is the initial Staff Rank and is obtained after successfully completing the application and interview process. The Temporary Moderator rank will only be considered for highly trustworthy and dedicated players. It is more of a job than a rank.


  • This rank provides a promotion from the original Temporary Moderator rank. This comes after you have helped out the community with questions and problems and have proven you are worthy of partaking in more of a professional position.


  • Administrators are the most respected and trustworthy rank of all, meaning it is also the hardest rank in-game to achieve. There are very high standards to earning this position.


Coming soon!


Register on our website to stay up to date with all the latest news and information from the server

here. Post feedback and get help from staff and other members as well as having your say in the direction and improvement of the server.

We also have a public teamspeak for everyone to join. Our Teamspeak server is you can also go to the website and click the teamspeak option.


In order to play on Horizon you will need to apply to be added to the whitelist. Please fill out the below Application and wait to be accepted by one of the Admin team. This can take time so please be patient ifyou do not get a response immediately.

IGN (In Game Name):


Why Horizon?:

What is your goal on the server?:

The Server IP is

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IGN (In Game Name): ljason34

Age: 16

Why Horizon?: A friend told me about it, and he wants me to join :3

What is your goal on the server?: To just hang out with my friend(s) :D :3

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