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[1.0.5] Horizon [PvP-Toggle][No-Griefing][100 Slots][Whitelist][Disabled DD]


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IGN (In Game Name):yellownarwhalrus


Why Horizon?:well, mostly becuase it is Hexxit. and it seems to be the most popular one, and looks stable, so i would like to get an early start.

What is your goal on the server?:to make friends and adventure with each other. it would be sad to be alone :P

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IGN (In Game Name): radpool97

IGN: Smalttrain

IGN (In Game Name):Skiidmarkz

IGN: Pokemon3145

IGN (In Game Name): Traka

IGN: DreadedCake

IGN (In Game Name): Shablo5

IGN (In Game Name):yellownarwhalrus

IGN: dragonub

IGN (In Game Name): stevenchamp45

IGN (In Game Name):killeraxes

All accepted and added to white-list. Thank you for your applications and sorry for the delay.

Sleep was needed :(

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IGN (In Game Name): 4zncrafter

Accepted and added to whitelist.

Welcome to Horizon

i think the turtle boss may be crashing the server...

There is an error caused by turtle boss. We are trying to identify and fix it at the moment

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