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[1.0.6] *MCConquer* [PvP|Raiding] [50 Slots] [No Whitelist] [Minium stone enabled] 4 Banned Items!

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Welcome to MCConquer.

We focus on no lag, the ultimate experience and good staff!


  • IP: Main.MCConquer.Org:25570

  • No hacking, duping or exploiting

  • Nearly no banned items!

  • 24/7

  • Griefing, pvp!

  • War-Axe fixed & unbanned!

  • Factions

We have a beautiful spawn, a website to chat with players, 100% uptime, responsible owner, good staff, no lag, Tekkit main where you can go to space... And so much more.

Full banned items list:

The OmniWrench - Unfortunately, it crashes the server.

Dynamite - We found no way to prevent this from griefing protected areas.

Backpacks - Duplicates. This will be unbanned once the mod fixes it.

Descriptive book - Lags the server badly when used.



The spawn from top view. ^


The moon spawn. ^


Spawn from ground view. ^

Give us a try! I'm sure you won't regret it



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I love the server! I play on it and the staff are nice and have a nice community and a good sense of humor and they have factions raiding and griefing! You gotta try this guys!

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This server is awesome. If you love Tekkit, you'll love the server. The owner, Bailey, is a wonderful and friendly guy who always listens to whatever you have to say. Staff are friendly and the server is top-quality. So why are you waiting? COME ONLINE NOW! :D


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I love this server. Great players, and great staff. They have an awesome shop that really helps you get started. The Mob Arena is a great way to get good items at the start.

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