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[1.0.0] Kenjico's Hexxit [8 Slots][PvP Is Allowed][Whitelist]

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IGN: icedrake25

Age: 15

Location: USA

TimeZone: EST

Minecraft Experience: I have been playing MInecraft since 1.2.5, I play FTB, Tekkit, Aether, Vanilla and Hexxit

In game name

I Would like to join a small server like this and have a good time. I also wish to record for my small youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/icedrake2525). I had a Hexxit Series on my Youtube but I wanted a server to play on to continue it.

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IGN: Baumber1012

Age: 15

Location: United States

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1

Minecraft Experience: I am just a normal minecraft player who loves to battle mobs/bosses and have fun! I have had a LOT of experience with Hexxit since there's TONS of Dungeons and such. I have been playing Hexxit Since it came out and when I first started playing it, I loved it.

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  • In game name mr_birdy
  • Age 13
  • Location (Preferably UK) United states of america
  • Minecraft experience to date around since 2008
  • I was looking for a small tiny hexxit server That has NO griefing!!!
    I HATE GRIFING! i always wanted to join a whitelist server so it would feel welcoming and nice.
    I am looking foward to hearing back!

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IGN: Taroyra

Age: 21

Location: US

Minecraft experience: Been playing since the beta, when Minecraft was half price.

A paragraph about yourself: I like playing with other people, the more the merrier. However the larger servers have a tendency to be chaotic. This server also gives me the confidence that I won't have to deal with idiots. :) I've played Hexxit probably 5 times total. I was going to do a playthrough for youtube but then I simply walked into what looked like Mordor and got wrecked by a bunch of gremlins. I'm fun to play with and I have a very open mind so things that normally bother others don't bother me. If I don't know something, I'm not afraid to admit it, nor am I afraid to ask, but I don't ask for items. I HATE it when people whine for things. I have a very powerful gaming pc so running any extra stuff (if you use anything like Skype, axon, or steam) is not an issue. I love to build and I love seeing other peoples creations without disturbing their creativity, unless they mess with my stuff then it's war! Hope me being a US res doesn't dissuade you, if it does then no big deal.

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Ingame Name: Namacil

Age: 16

Location: Germany

Mc. experience: over 3 years

Why i whant to play on this server: Its small and whitelistet. Because of that they will be no griefers and i could play without fear. Also it has a good uptime. I played on other servers before, but i was griefed or trolled the last 2 times. I like tekkit and hexxit, but i dont whant to play singelplayer any longer :D

Anything else: I dont like world resetts :(

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  • In game name pegasmon
  • Age 11 (dont let that put you off)
  • Location (Preferably UK) england
  • Minecraft experience to date 1 year im a pro my freinds say
  • A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server im young (but mature) and love hexxit/minecraft and ive wanted to join a hexxit whitelist for a while now but yours looks perfect.
  • Anything else you think we should know im disabled

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IGN: Zurfandor.

Age: 16.

Location: The Netherlands.

Minecraft experience: Played vanilla for about 2 years now, I'm new to Hexxit.

A paragraph about yourself and why you want to join this server: I want to join the server because I'm new to Hexxit and I like learning modpacks from other people, or with other people. I did the same with Feed The Beast and I'm still playing on that server.

Anything else we should know: Well I'm mature for my age and I speak English really good, I also have Teamspeak 3 and Skype.

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