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Question about ForgeEssentials and Hexxit Lag/mem

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Hey all,

I have a Hexxit server I am hosting via Fluctis Hosting. I got it up and running last night, but wanted to get some tools installed to personalize the world a bit. One of the things I wanted to set were permissions, and it looks like the ForgeEssentials is the way to go. I notice that all of the permissions vids I have seen, all use the in game commands to set up the perm structures. What is the benefit of doing it that way, as opposed to editing the cfg file??? I am a hamfisted noob, and prefer to be able to see what I have typed/am typing, etc in an editor. I ran a bukkit server ages ago, and seem to remember having issues when trying to use PEX, and I believe it was due to formatting... I think that was why I gave up using PEX and ended up using (i think it was) YAPP.

Anyhow, so is FE the best thing going for setting up and restricting a starting area, and building permissions??? Or are there alternatives? I am very unfamiliar with the Forgemod stuff, this is my first foray into it.

My other question is regarding my Hexxit server... I have a gig of RAM and am hosted off of Fluctis' NY server. I was playing last nighjt, and was having a 7 second delay between cutting down a tree, and it actually falling. Is this a server side issue, or a problem with Hexxit?

Appreciate any insight the community can give!!!

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Both ways. You can use /p, but there's a lot of typing involved and I find it rather unpleasant. Or you could run an export, edit the files, then run an import. Or when I do finally get around to coding the permissions GUI, you could use that too. (not gonna happen within the next few weeks)

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