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Minecraft 1.6 pre-release

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Minecraft 1.6 is coming.. and you can test it ! bug fixes for the test version :

  • Fixed minecart collision boxes briefly being positioned wrong
  • Fixed off-track minecarts floating
  • Fixed sitting in minecarts being too high
  • Fixed minecart hitboxes being too large
  • Fixed being unabe to tie mobs to fences with less than 2 leads
  • Fixed binding "sneak" to a mouse button and trying to mount an entity crashing the game
  • Fixed being unable to hit mobs while jumping on horses
  • Fixed pushing leashed mobs into a portal duplicating the lead
  • Fixed attribute modifiers randomly running out when given via items
  • Fixed "Resource packs" translation missing on
  • Fixed Health Boost extra health vanishing on login
  • Fixed tamed wolves' health being depleted upon world loading
  • Fixed Health Boost and Absorption potions names not showing up correctly
  • Fixed the sound when placing water in water playing twice
  • Fixed the game crashing if the compass animation only has a single frame
  • Fixed strength potions accidentally being nerfed
  • Fixed team names containing "-" not working with the selector argument for seeing if anyone is in the team
  • Fixed the Superflat customisation screen having formatting errors in Australian English and a missing String on
  • Fixed the scoreboard "Health" attribute being out of sync - it rounds down
  • Fixed the game crashing when it is launched with an invalid language selection
  • Fixed using /kill setting health to 2 billion
  • Fixed certain Instant health effect values killing players

But then July 1st comes the real 1.6



  • An attribute system

    • Partially implemented already
    • Goal: Enchanted items should be able to change attributes temporarily when hitting something

    [*]Resource packs

    • Replace texture packs
    • Can change sounds, language files, etc
    • Users will be able to apply multiple resource packs at once
    • A texture pack conversion tool will be provided
    • New metadata format to enable easy inclusion of whole new types of resources with minimal difficulty

Confirmed via a weekly build:

  • Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed endermen becoming hostile when taking environmental damage
    • Fixed anvils charging levels for nothing when using other languages than English in MP
    • Fixed being unable to play game unless LWJGL is manually replaced
    • Fixed the game crashing on 1.5.1 prerelease Server
    • Fixed Minecraft not opening
    • Fixed some crashes because of trash files in assets

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed unintended debug output to console if .minecraft does not exist
    • Fixed players not activating stone pressure plates anymore
    • Fixed color of the experience bar while having spawn eggs, enchantment bottles, enchanted books and nether stars in the inventory
    • Fixed boats not working
    • Fixed the cursor no longer snapping back to centre of window after exiting inventories/menus
    • Fixed being stuck in ceiling after leaving bed
    • Fixed there being no lwjgl in java.library.path

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed jukebox music volume not decreasing
    • Fixed tamed wolves and cats despawning
    • Fixed silverfish breaking blocks when mobGriefing gamerule is set to false
    • Fixed using Pick Block on an active furnace returning an active furnace
    • Fixed the "Hot Topic" achievement using a faceless furnace icon
    • Fixed arrows floating mid-air when shot into blocks
    • Fixed language packs being removed when the game is started

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed the green arrow in maps in item frames remaining on the map after destroying the item frame
    • Fixed mobs not realizing they killed their attacker and trying to attack empty space
    • Fixed dogs not stopping to snarl when punched by someone else
    • Fixed zombie villagers in the process of curing despawning
    • Fixed lava decay not scheduling block updates
    • Fixed blocks in other dimensions not updating one minute after entering

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed a crash on world load
    • Fixed the item counts in inventory screens flickering
    • Fixed player head textures glitching

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed enchanted Books not showing what creative mode tab they are from when listed in a search
    • Fixed skins messing up
    • Fixed breaking item frames causes a null pointer exception and crash.
    • Fixed an internal exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
    • Fixed coal blocks behaving like dirt blocks instead of stone blocks when placed under note blocks
    • Fixed the game crashing on startup

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed furnace minecarts consuming coal in Creative
    • Fixed duplicating phantom bows appearing after using up a bow
    • Fixed coal blocks not being flammable

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed damaged anvils not showing damage status in inventory or item frame
    • Fixed hay bales not burning when set on fire
    • Fixed player appearence not updating properly in MP
    • Fixed the selected item disappearing when armor breaks

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed sleeping while riding a Minecart producing a graphical glitch
    • Fixed the "team" argument not working with "!" for other players
    • Fixed "seeFriendlyInvisibles" not always working
    • Fixed stacked entity spawners creating mass duplicate ghost entities
    • Fixed a crash due to the pack.png file in texture packs being corrupt
    • Fixed the shift key locking after certain events
    • Fixed a crash producing an IllegalStateException: Server tried to update attributes of a non-living entity

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed cows eating buckets
    • Fixed teleporting to NaN crashing the game
    • Fixed a crash related to mob spawners

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed mob spawners with ActiveEffects crashing the game

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed mobs spawning and despawn right away in peaceful
    • Fixed the "The End?" achievement being unachievable
    • Fixed the persistenceRequired tag freezing mobs
    • Fixed squids taking damage while in water
    • Fixed the scoreboard "health" objective set to display "belowname" disconnecting players on MP with end of stream message
    • Fixed eyes of ender not directing players to the nearest stronghold

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed command blocks choosing wrong people and selecting players cross-dimensional
    • Fixed attempting to move servers in the server list without selecting a server crashing the game
    • Fixed using the autocomplete function in chat disconnecting clients in MP
    • Fixed Resistance V and above stopping /killfrom working
    • Fixed a game tick speed issue?
    • Fixed baby zombie spawners crashing the game
    • Fixed server connection bars in Multiplayer Menu or Ingame missing
    • Fixed the GUI being broken when the boss health bar is visible
    • Fixed the texts for "credits" and "end" not showing up properly

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed certain death message printing "null" as the player/mob name that caused the death
    • Fixed the server not translating strings properly
    • Fixed no sounds playing after a while and music corrupting sound
    • Fixed a crash with IllegalArgumentException
    • Fixed the language files for en_US being grammatically incorrect for 'death.fell.finish.item'

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed receiving high amounts of damage at once causing ghost mode in multiplayer
    • Fixed some mouse buttons behaving unexpectedly
    • Fixed 3D anaglyph biome and flowing water/lava colour corruption
    • Fixed incorrect and inconsistent command success criteria breaking command block comparator behavior
    • Fixed it being possible to create a scoreboard objective without a name, but impossible to use/delete it
    • Fixed birch leaves not using leaves_birch.png
    • Fixed last played SP world changes last opened date to 1/1/70
    • Fixed a server crash/freeze after /kill
    • Fixed igniting TNT not reducing flint and steel durability
    • Fixed some animated textures only showing the placeholder texture
    • Fixed a crash while uploading textures to graphics card

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed command block UI text merging when in windowed mode
    • Fixed placing a water source into certain blocks yielding no drops
    • Fixed 3D anaglyph biome colour corruption
    • Fixed liquids replacing ladders
    • Fixed the knockback resistance attribute not preventing knockback from fall damage
    • Fixed a crash with the mcmeta reading of unicode font
    • Fixed a crash when clicking the "Texture pack" button
    • Fixed the text on 'Direct connect' and 'Rename World' screens being misplaced

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed the death counter not updating
    • Fixed the Pick block feature in the Creative mode inventory not preserving stack sizes
    • Fixed entities other than the player being unable to leave the end
    • Fixed being unable to load ResourcePack with missing directory-ZipEntries.
    • Fixed the credits ending too fast
    • Fixed dogs' health being depleted upon world loading
    • Fixed a crash when increasing volume

    [*]Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed part of the beacon block texture missing when placed next to other blocks
    • Fixed the name of the Jack-o-lantern being mis-punctuated
    • Fixed brewing stands' feets' sides being transparent when placed against a wall
    • Fixed thrown splash potions' particles being incorrect
    • Fixed a cactus texture error when placed near a wall
    • Fixed mounting rideable entities underwater desyncing the client and the server
    • Fixed weighted pressure plates' names' being too long to be renamed
    • Fixed a crash on LAN worlds
    • Fixed the list of languages only containing English (US)

    [*]More fixes:

    • 16a Fixed being able to become stuck in a minecart in a portal
    • Fixed a client crash in MP
    • Fixed a crash when closing the game
    • 16b Fixed placing a boat in MP crashing the server
    • Fixed the character looking up into the sky and spinning around quickly when entering fullscreen mode
    • Fixed a NullpointerException when entering boat / minecart / riding horse
    • 18a Fixed cloud textures of size 4096x4096 or larger not working correctly
    • 18b Fixed item count / numbers randomly flickering in item bar, inventory, workbench
    • Fixed zombies spawning wildly during day
    • Fixed clock and compass textures being limited to 16x16
    • Fixed riding horses into obstacles crashing the game
    • 18c Fixed Ctrl + Alt + Esc crashing the game
    • Fixed switching from windowed to fullscreen and back moving the point of view
    • Fixed being unable to use the scroll wheel in crash reports
    • Fixed a memory leak when switching texture packs
    • Fixed large texture pack resolutions causing massive performance drop.
    • Fixed horse not spawning naturally
    • Fixed horses despawning of horses.
    • Fixed the "health" objective set to display "belowname" disconnecting players on MP with end of stream
    • 19a Fixed the keyboard becoming unresponsive on OS X
    • Fixed command blocks being easily breakable in survival
    • Fixed ocelots not despawing
    • 21a Fixed Teleporting to Large Numbers producing a broken error
    • Fixed death messages always being in english regardless of the selected language (Multiplayer)
    • Fixed the XP bar missing
    • Fixed horse armor stacking
    • Fixed being unable to throw enderpearls while mounting a horse
    • Fixed bred horses losing extra health when hit
    • Fixed a crash during world generation
    • Fixed a debug message still being output to log files
    • 21b Fixed throwing enderpearls and then mounting a boat/minecart doing damage, but not teleporting players
    • Fixed skeletons attacking like zombies when hit in creative
    • Fixed /scoreboard syntax missing from /help
    • Fixed an Out of Memory Crash
    • 22a Fixed resizing the window on OS X 10.8 mis-aligning the menu
    • Fixed opening your inventory on wild horses allowing you to saddle them up
    • Fixed the game temporarily freezing when moving
    • 23b Fixed log files increasing loading time
    • Fixed additional maximum health not being displayed
    • 24a Fixed /whitelist list not displaying the full list of players
    • Fixed skeleton's melee damage being unaffected by their swords' type
    • Fixed scoreboard health objective crashing the game
    • Fixed SP using english command guides instead of those of the language pack
    • Fixed "We Need to Go Deeper" achievement being rewarded for going through an End Portal
    • Fixed witches targeting themselves under certain circumstances
    • 24b Fixed the error report missing when the game crashes
    • Fixed scoreboard objectives disappearing when logging out
    • Fixed animation definitions sometimes being partially ignored
    • Fixed keys becoming sticky and unregistering


    [*]Started to move over various attributes to a new attribute system


    [*]Removed Texture Pack support, added Resource Packs


  • Added some splash screens

    • "What's up Doc?"

    [*]Re-enabled crash reporting

    [*]Improved internal chat mechanics

    • Many messages previously untranslated are now translated properly


  • Improved the Creative Mode inventory

    • Added origin tab to tooltip - [screenshot]()

    [*]Swords no longer break blocks in Creative mode

    [*]Added & improved a few commands

    • /spreadplayers to spread players/teams around a given coordinate with
    • /gamerule: Added doDaylightCycle & naturalRegeneration, changeddoFiretick` to not affect fire extinguishing

    [*]Natural health regeneration now costs hunger/saturation points

    [*]Dismounting mobs, Boats and Minecarts is now only possible using LSHIFT

    [*]The Respiration enchant now helps seeing underwater

    [*]Added and changed some effects

    • Instant Health was nerfed 33%
    • Regeneration was nerfed 50%
    • Health Boost Adds 2 extra hearts per level
    • Absorption adds 2 golden hearts per level, they disappear when taking damage, but reappear every 30 seconds

    [*]Regional difficulty: The longer players spend in one area, the harder the mobs there get

World Generation

  • Chests now generate in Nether Fortresses

    [*]Small water lakes no longer spawn in deserts

Blocks & Items

  • Hay Bales


    [*]Hardened ClayBlocks


    • When powered by cauldrons and end portal frames, they now give out a signal with strength indicating the source block state
    • Screenshot

    [*]Coal Blocks

    [*]Stained Hardened Clay

    [*]Lapis Lazuli Block

    [*]Command Blocks

    • Can no longer be mined or destroyed in Survival mode


    [*]Spawn Eggs

    • Now work on water

    [*]Horse armor

    • Screenshot
    • Can only be found in loot chests
    • Infinite uses

    [*]Name Tag

    • Screenshot
    • When renamed, they can be used on mobs to give them a name and stop them from despawning
    • Nametags only show up when the mob is in focus
    • Can only be found in loot chests


    [*]Glistering Melons

    [*]Golden Apples

    • New crafting recipe
    • Adjusted Regeneration to heal the same amount as before
    • Now give 90 seconds of Absorption


  • Horses

    • [screenshots]() - armor, saddle, chests, babies, tied down, inventory shot
    • Creation assisted & inspired by DrZhark of Mo' Creatures
    • To tame, ride them and get thrown off a few times until hearts appear
    • Can be bred using Wheat
    • Drop leather when killed
    • Health can be restored using Bread, Sugar, Hay Bales, Wheat, Apples & Golden Apples
    • Baby horses can be grown the same way
    • Players riding saddled horses are granted full control over the horse's movement
    • Color, style, maximum health, jump height and speed vary between horses
    • Open your inventory or press the inventory key while holding the LSHIFT to access horses' inventory to deal with their storage, armor and saddle
    • Rarely spawn in small groups


    • Like horses, but can carry chests with 15 slots on their saddles


    • Obtained by breeding a Horse with a Donkey


    • Now have sounds for trading, getting hurt and other things


    • Can now spawn with random status effects


    • Will now occasionally spawn additional zombies in the darkness when hurt

    [*]All mobs

    • Now spawn in groups again

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Excellent. That's an impressive number of bugfixes.

Adding up the tracker for each of the snapshots is something like 259 bug fixes, which isn't half bad at all.

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Regional difficulty: The longer players spend in one area, the harder the mobs there get

I really friggin hope that's optional. Or at least reserved for the harder difficulties. :/

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It isn't optional. Don't worry though, I believe Dinnerbone said it was limited to better armor and stuff that mobs spawn with. Creepers don't blow up bigger and zombies don't have any extra health or anything. I expect the speed at which one can mine and craft and smelt to gear up outstrips the increase in difficulty anyway.

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