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Big Dig and Plugins


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So I know how to install plugins for the regular versions of Tekkit and am wondering if the same thing can be done for Big Dig in some way/ It's nice playing our server with a few friends, but I'd like to diversify and spread out; however, griefers are no fun so I'd like to be able to setup plugins like GriefPrevention and the like. Any body with knowledge on the subject? :)

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Tesserats get locked into public even in creative - that were placed new old ones that had been done before MCPC+ was put in instead of bigdig.jar still worked.

All tree's stopped growing - using Bee's or just planting (magical crops worked just Trees)

Thats MCPC+ specific - also weird errors with Logistics pipes but I think that is connected with the current Big Dig mod number.

When I changed back to the Big Dig jar we had to break all the Tessearts and use new ones to fix game.



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