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MineFactory Reloaded Sewer

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I have a lot of cows in my farm so I decide to use the Sewer to produce Sewage and create fertilazer with the composter, but the Sewer stop work after 15 buckets, why? (for put it back to work I destroy then and put it back, I use a silver upgrade, idk if it change something)

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Connect a liquiduct to the bottom of the sewer and pipe it to a Composter. Sounds to me like your liquids aren't going anywhere.

Also, make sure that Sewers are not overlapping each others. Upgrades will cause them to look at more blocks above them to gather from animals, but if two sewers have upgrades that cause them to look at the same blocks, my understanding is they stop working. Count blocks including your upgrades, and make sure that no two sewers are covering the exact same area.

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