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Riccardo Fagiolo

Looking for Staff

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Hello everybody!

I want to start a new tekkit server,but i need staff.

The owner :

I've owned a Bukkit server for 3 months,i know pretty much about the bukkit plugins,i've already set up the whole tekkit thing.

I'm terrible in building.Hope to find someone who is good in that.

The Server :

- 16GB RAM

- 3.6GHz Quad Core

- 100/Mb Bandwidth

For more details i'll contact you,there are a lot of things to do!

The Future Staff :

I'd like the staff to be mature and experienced with bukkit plugins such as worldedit and worldguard.

I'd like something like an application :


Time you can spend on the server:

Experiences with Tekkit and Bukkit:


Thank you.

You can add me o skype (No Microphone,Broken,Just chat) : riccardo_fagiolo

email: [email protected]

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Time i can spend on server: 8 hours a day

Experiences with tekkit / bukkit: I have my own server and i host three others for friends so that helps with bukkit tekkit I can do anything you ask

Contacts: [email protected]

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Age: 21

Time I can spend on server: some afternoons and most evenings (approx. 4 hours max)

Experience with tekkit and bukkit: I am compatible with everything except computercraft and a few dozen bukkit plugins.

Contacts: Either here (pm), or by email (will provide upon request via pm, don't want EVERYONE to know)

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