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[Closed][1.2.9c] Hesperia Tekkit Server [PvE - Lag Free - Teamspeak - Towny - No Grief - Ranks - Economy - Player Shops][100 Slots]

Riccardo Fagiolo

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Okay, I will say it again... LOOK AT THE SERVER SITE...the owner CLEARLY stated that the server is CLOSED to the public for now. If you look around at the forums on the site, you can also see that the old whitelist will be moved to the new server AFTER they are done FIXING it.

Also, the owner JUST posted at the top of this page, applications are closed, so please don't be crying about how long it is taking for them to accept your application.(because I know you guys will)

Here is the link to the server site. Again.


P.S. If I offended anybody, they probably deserved it. And whats up with all the people quoting the server info?

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To update your tekkit client, first start the launcher. This should bring you to the main technic interface. You will see multiple gameplay options on the left of the Interface and your name/character in the bottom right corner. Once you have reached this point, look among the game options for tekkit. Under the tekkit option, there is a cog, or spiked wheel looking thing. click the cog. it should bring up a menu titled tekkit options. There are 3 option to choose. Make sure the "Manually select a build" option is selected, you can tell that it is if it has a blue dot next to it. Now go to the select a build and click the drop down box that is to the right of it. This is still on the tekkit options menu, so don't exit that yet. Select the latest from the drop down menu, which, at the time of me writing this, is 1.2.2. After you have done all of that, click the save option. This should bring you back to the main area, where you select your game type. Make sure you have tekkit selected from the game types on the left by clicking it. Now press the play button on the right, near your character. This will start the update proccess. It may popup a window asking if you want to update, click yes on that window. From here just wait for it to do it's thing and you should be updated in no time :) Hope this helps, and enjoy :)

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Who ever made this picture, please take it off because I spent 29 hours of my life trying to figure out how do something which I finally found out how to do and the last thing I need is to see that

That would be one of the Technic site admins. You were warned repeatedly to stop spamming, but kept doing it anyway. So enjoy the picture for a month from the warning date. We can make it permanent if you keep complaining about it.

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Age: 21

IGN: Sin72

Why Do you want to Play on this Server?

Honestly? I'm bored. I host a custom server for my two friends and lately I feel like I want a larger community to work and share with.

What Do you want to Build?

Space Station obviously. Beyond that, I'm not really sure. I want to build something players can appreciate, probably an exotic home or workspace in or around a population center (depending on the availability of city plots and sizes). I've always wanted a village style co-op, but never had to constrain myself to a specific area, so this should be interesting.

As a side note, I'll say that I've never really been into PvP, and although it's something I'd like to try some day, for now I'm looking more for a collaborative experience, so I think PvE would best suit my desire.

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IGN (In Game Name) ScubaDog

Why Do you want to Play on this Server?

Mainly the reason I wanna play on this server is to start up my own space program (The space Doge program) and I need people to help me start it up!

What Do you want to Build?

Mainly a space station, a command station, and a moon base and the best thing about it, is that anyone can come out and help if they really want to :D but just saying I'm going to be the head of this operation, anyways please don't ignore this and maybe accept it?

5, 4, 3, 2,1, Launching doge into space!
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IGN (In Game Name) ScubaDog

Why Do you want to Play on this Server?

Mainly the reason I wanna play on this server is to start up my own space program (The space Doge program) and I need people to help me start it up!

What Do you want to Build?

Mainly a space station, a command station, and a moon base and the best thing about it, is that anyone can come out and help if they really want to :D but just saying I'm going to be the head of this operation, anyways please don't ignore this and maybe accept it?

ill join
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IGN (In Game Name): Wisdom2976

Why Do you want to Play on this Server?: I want to play here because i want to play on a good galactic craft server and this server seems like the right one!

What Do you want to Build?: I would probably build a small base on earth, get into space, and then build a better base on the moon or at my private station. :D

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Why do you want to play on this server?

I'm looking for a kind community where my friends and i can play.

What do you want to build?

I just want to live successfully on the server

Me and my two friends are always scrambling around for good modded servers. I came acroos this on the forums, and it looks promising. If I were to be whitelisted, I promise to respect staff and other players, and follow the rules.

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In Game Name:StylingLama

Why Do you want to Play on this Server? so i dont get griefed when im trying to build a house or space station or a moon base.

What Do you want to Build? want to try to build a space station or live on the moon and have other people see my creations.

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Age: 14

IGN (In Game Name): gladeandy

Why Do you want to Play on this Server?

I'm just looking for a nice server, with a friendly-hearted community, and i seem to have stumbled upon this server, and got impressed by the feautures.

What Do you want to Build?

A rocket to the moon!! :D

Also a shop, a town etc...

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IGN (In Game Name) : Supadupa2

Why Do you want to Play on this Server? I havent tryed the latest tekkit yet, i use to play tekkit classic and lite. This one looks big, good and fun!

What Do you want to Build? Ofc i want to go to the moon! But maybe i'll start with a nuclear power plant or fission? i'm looking forward to check out the modpack

Thx for your consideration

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Hi i would like to apply for 2 people me and my brother. Usernames - Wolf6774 and kittenwover


15 and 13

Why do i want to play on this server?

So that me and my brother can build a rocket and get to the moon.

What do i want to build?

A moon house and also a space station.

Is there anything we would add?

Mm we don't know anything really to add.

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Age: 19

IGN  (In-game name): LunarHunter17

Why do you want to play on this server?: I enjoy playing online with a good community. Especailly so, since most are prone to lag.

What do you want to build?: Possibly a town with shops. If not, then i might take a trip to the moon.


Thank you for your consideration!

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age: 16

ign  craigyboy1969

why do you want to play on this server: im looking for a server with nice staff and stable if not lag free

what do you want to build I want to build a space station a rocket also a cool house for technology maybe a NASA base to for rocket launching

Edited by craigyboy1969
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