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[1.0.6] CrimsonGaming[PvE][NoGreifing][20 slots][Whitelist][Nothing Banned]


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Experience:I am experienced with most of the older packs (especially with build craft) but i can learn quickly and i have grasped most of the ideas associated with the new mod packs.


How long have i been playing:I have had the Technic launcher for over a year now but i have only played tekkit for around 35 hours.


What you are good at (Buildings, etc.):I have had mine craft for well over 2 and a half years so i know may way around complex and simple builds for mine craft so it does kinda apply for tekkit. I am probably best at the slightly bigger builds which may require detail and fine sense of detail for respect of the build. For example some of my best builds would be i built Alcatraz with loads of detail stretching 150 blocks wide by 100 blocks long with multiple levels.


Why would you be a good addition to the server:I am a laugh to play with, i have a YouTube account which has 15 subs in under 3 weeks and i will cover this server on my channel hopefully playing with people like you and recording which may bring more attention to your server.(Just so you know if you don't believe me about my channel my channel is called luckylads2 if you want to see further detail on my skills in tekkit and what i am like.

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IGN: Wopeyton
AGE: 15
Experience with Tekkit: not a lot
How long you have been playing:3 days
Why would you be a good addition to the server:I just want to play on a server that has grief prevention that isn't huge. Also All I do is mine and do stuff for others.

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