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Tekkit Classic server hosting and plugin help

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If anybody is looking for a person that can either host their server with a dedi of course, or help them with plugins. Please let me know by contacting me via email ([email protected]) or posting on here. Remember I will only help you setup plugins and will not help you edit modpacks to fix any items. Of course most duplication glitches can be fixed within the plugins just let me know a core of plugins you would like and I can suggest some. The plugin setup will cost per hour an the dedicated server will cost per month (depending on ram.) I can host up to 64gb of ram if needed and put you on your own box with some DDOS protection through reverse proxies.

Thanks for reading

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How do i disable the Oil derrick gamemode hack and can you setup a groupmanager save so as soon as a player join server they can do

Build and place like you should Rank: Member






and with moderator RANK: Moderator

all above









and could you just make a rank with the prefixes because they get op





If you want a charge dont reply

If its free email it to [email protected]

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Billy, add me on skype for the GroupManager thing : waqar_3361

I will tell you how to patch GM hacks, it's simple really, go to your servers files, open the 'Mods' folder and delete a file called NotEnoughItems-Bukkit, restart the server. :D that's all

And for group manager, either add me on skype for full detailed help or just use this;

If you want the rank to be called e.g. member, then first of all do /mangadd Member,

then do /mangaddv member prefix <Prefix e.g. &f[&2Member&f]&f>

Then do the following commands:

/mangaddp member essentials.spawn

/mangaddp member

/mangaddp member essentials.teleport.others

/mangaddp member essentials.tpa

/mangaddp member essentials.tpaccept

/mangaddp member essentials.tpdeny

/mangaddp member essentials.tpahere

/mangaddp member essentials.seen.

for the moderator just copy those ^ to moderator in the groups.yml file

and then do these commands

/mangaddp moderator essentials.kick

/mangaddp moderator essentials.tempban

/mangaddp moderator essentials.whois

/mangaddp moderator essentials.whois.others

/mangaddp moderator essentials.gamemode

/mangaddp moderator essentials.gamemode.1

/mangaddp moderator essentials.gamemode.creative

/mangaddp moderator essentials.survival

/mangaddp moderator

/mangaddp moderator

/mangaddp moderator

for ranks with prefixes for admin, owner, head-admin, co-owner do these commands but where it says <group> type in the rank e.g. owner, admin, head-admin or co-owner

First of all, do /manuadd <your name> <group>

so for example, /manuadd poping19 head-admin

if the group isn't created then simply do /mangadd head-admin

to add the permissions do /mangaddp head-admin essentials.ban etc.

for prefixes do

/mangaddv head-admin &f[&4head-admin&f]&5

/mangaddv owner &f[&4Owner&f]&6

/mangaddv co-owner &f[&4Co-Owner&f]&7

/mangaddv admin &f[&4Admin&f]&5


Make sure the group is already made, to check if it is do /manuadd <your name> <group> so /manuadd poping19 owner.

If you would like more information then just add me on skype :) because i know a lot about servers :P

SKYPE: waqar_3361

Thanks for reading,


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