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Part Builder not working

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im having the same problem and yea we can use the smeltery to make everything but its still upsetting i have a block that i need and cant use.... i dont know if that was there plan and just forgot to get rid of the old blocks or if its a bug either way i prefer the old way... i dont like the new way

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Use the part builder to make stone parts then place that item on the casting table attached to the smelter. Melt down some gold then pour the gold over the item. This will create a gold casting template. place that casting template on the casting table and melt down the material you would like to use and pour it into the casting template. Just note the material cost.....the cost refers to 1 ingot. So if it says material cost is 3 then it will take 3 ingots and if it is 0.5 then that is half of an igot so be prepare to make two. Hope this helped.

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I just updated the wiki article for this yesterday:


I'm slowly bringing the wiki up to speed with the current version of TConstuct, any help would be much appreciated!

I'm up for lending a hand, I just want to get the modpack back to giving me decent frames, so that I will be able to look up recipes for things.

Edit: Do you know of or have a source where we can find thumbnail images for the items in the various mods. I've seen other wikis where they had the thumbnails, but I couldn't find them myself online, so I wonder if they contacted the mod developer about getting thumbnails for the various items.

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