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Cannot Dis-Enchant In Latest Version?


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Hi. I downloaded the latest version of Hexxit (1.0.4) and started a new SSP world. I made an enchanting table and got a load of bookshelves, and tried to unenchant (disenchant?) some weapons I had found whilst adventuring, but it doesn't seem to work.

The weapons and armour I found are at full durability (I know this used to be an issue in the earlier version), but when I try and drag the slider to the left, it just jumps back to where it was.

Is it a bug, or is it intended to be unable to disenchant items?

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Oh, my apologies, I must have missed that line when scanning the changelog.

It's a bit of a bugger really, because I discovered that exploit on my own, but chose not to take advantage of it.

Is there a way to re-enable disenchanting for SSP?

Edit: Nevermind, I found out how to do it, have to edit the line "B:AllowDisenchanting=false" to "B:AllowDisenchanting=true" in the eplus.cfg config file.

Edit 2: Hmmm, didn't work.

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Actually, the why seems to be because the Mod Author expressly disabled it in the latest version, with no option to turn it back on.


In the latest version of Enchanting plus, I made a decision to disable, with no configuration, disenchanting any level a player did not put onto the item themselves. This stops all disenchanting exploits that have plagued enchanting plus since before I have taken the mod over in MC1.3.2. I felt this was major factor to a lot of cheating, which a lot of players are against, thus not trying the mod. On the other hand, I know this will drive people away from my mod since I am working against cheating.

Kind of a bummer really. I wish there was just a way to prevent the XP exploit by preventing the Meteor armor from enchanting with a right click.

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IMO that's really silly, because disenchanting found loot for the XP was a lot of the draw for me, but I can see why mssOdin felt she didn't have a choice. I doubt Meteors was the only mod with this issue (just the only one in hexxit).

I was reading through the MCF threads for Enchanting Plus and Falling Meteors Mod and it seems the XP exploit in FMM is being addressed in later versions, and mss0din said that the option to enable unenchats via configuration should be returning in later versions of Enchanting Plus too. Until then, I'ma stockpile enchanted gear for the inevitable orgy of unenchanting once those mods have been updated.

I'll try and find the source to quote later.

Enchanting Plus: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1528282-162152151sspsmp-enchanting-plus-v116v115v114/page__st__1440#entry23503649

I have been contemplating adding this as a feature. If I do add it, it wont be released for a while. Since I am burnt out on coding at the moment. Plus saving all my energy for Modjam.

Falling Meteors Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/989113-152sspsmpfalling-meteors-modv2102/page__st__720#entry23485704

Enchanting system has also been fixed (tested with Enchanting Plus, but should work with any mod that does anything to enchanting).
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