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Game Server Sponsership

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At we are always happy to hear from people who are in need of sponsorship, who need great impact, advertisement and servers to boost your chances of achieving your goals to developing the organisation that you run.

We run a very unique healthy sponsorship program, unlike many others we asses what’s needed and apply what’s required and monitor weekly or monthly on how the progression is going. We are all about organisations who need that boost and partnering with a company that can do this is a great asset to anyone.

Unfortunately we can’t help everyone, we pick and choose who we think needs the help the most and whether there goals are achievable and whether we can help them get there. we refuse 90 percent that apply, due to what we are looking for but this also shows our commitment to the 10 percent that do work alongside GPS.

At the moment we only want to help community’s and multi-gaming organisations, to develop further, from assisting on advertisement, resources of servers, and generally giving a better impact to your organisation. helping 5 man teams has no real impact for both parties, so for the time being this is what we are looking for.

With this in mind, please feel free to submit a request for sponsorship, And if it looks promising this your application will be picked up on the day.

Our application process is done through the website so please feel free to go to:- :


2) Sponsors

3) Sponsorship

4) Click on “apply now” and read what’s required when making a sponsorship

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