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Mystcraft ages


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Hi there, i got a question:

how many pages do you need to create a random age? because it seems that every age i go into, theres a void with some cubes of stone under me and a thunderstom going on.

I'm using a dedicated server, btw

what am I doin wrong? is the server generating the world ok? or do I need to use more pages?

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this is an excellent question; I've not been able to figure it out myself. I do know that the number of pages needs to be quite large... maybe 30? maybe more?

Even then, the most I've succeeded in creating is a floating island of land in a poisonous and rainbow-filled void with a temple off in the distance. Maybe the intent was for trial and error, but I don't find the interaction even a little bit intuitive.

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In tekkit 1.0.6 there only needs to be a blank page. In tekkit 1.1.5, you only need a link page. As for whiting your own page, in 1.0.6, you need to specify pretty much everything, while in 1.1.5, it will fill in what you do not specify.

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Keep writing them. I've created stable ages with 4 pages, and 20 pages, it's sorta luck I think. I have had some issues in some ages of the spawn platform spawning 10-20 blocks over the ground though. But even pre-update I had a lot of ages with nothing in them but emptiness.

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I believe the minimum for a 100% chance of stability is around 13-15 pages. They need to be done in a specific order too. Not just random pages either. A perfectly stable age should include in order after linking page:

1 Biome Controller: ex Large, Medium, Single, checkerboard

Biomes: depends on controller. Single only needs one, Checkerboard needs 2, everything else is 3+

1 TerrainController: Flat, caves, etc.

Celestial Bodies: At least one of each-Sun, Moon Stars

Weather: Fast, eternal rain/snow, etc.

Features: These are things like Villages, Tendrils, Explosions, meteors.

Clear Modifyer

With things like Celestial bodies, you can add things to them( I believe place the symbol before them ex Green Sun, Half Length Moon)

Always end with Clear Modifiers too. Don't know why, just works that way. Features aren't necessary, but kind of the point of Myscraft, right? Get exactly what you're looking for

Or like Dew said, you can keep trying your luck till you get a good one, but to build one from scratch follow these directions or google Build Stable Mystcraft Age

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No problem Weir, glad to help. I should mention that this information was from Mystcraft before "Linking Pages" were introduced, but the process doesn't seem to have changed.

The general rule of thumb is to include everything that a normal world should have and be as specific as possible. That means tell the world how long the sun and the moon should be up, tell the weather what to do, tell the biomes how to spawn, etc. Then you can add in special modifiers like Villages, Cave Worlds(My favorite for mining), tendrils. You can even get symbols to build the tendrils out of specific blocks, but the more rare the block, the more instability it adds to the world.

Instability can also be countered by deliberately adding hazerdous symbols like Charged or Spontaneous Explosions. This kind of gives you control of what you're going to be up against. If you go to build a Dense Ore world for mining, you wouldn't want to end up with Mining Fatigue IV, you'd never get anything out of it! Instead, you can add Charged which will remove some instability, by making the world more dangerous

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Random ages are much more likely to be stable in newer mystcraft versions, so i just craft 3 or 4 until i find one i like.

didnt know that. i might update tekkit and beta test it myself :P

been playing alone lately, anyway xD

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