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[3.1.2] Tekkit with Friends | 30 slots | 5gb ram | Come join me

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No-GRIEF ALLOWED- people work hard on there creations and i won't except any ifands or buts about it

hi guys I was tired of playing alone, so I put this up, come join me. everyone who feels the same way because i know you do should come join this server i keep it up depending upon the amount of people on it i would like to host it and just let people play on it and let it be 24/7 but not atm.

Everyone come join me on the server.

Expect the server to be off this weekend next week i will host this 24/7


PVP-ON ( doesn't mean its a pvp server )

plugins -





we don't have a spawn, we are a get up and go server you spawn you immediately start surviving!

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