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Wanting to get a hosted server

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So I am looking to get a hosted server, nothing massive, it's just my laptop can't handle running Tekkit or Hexxit anymore and I'm looking to play with a friend or two. The problem is I know basically nothing about hosted servers other than they have an IP and the people that own them magically make mods work in it lol. I was hoping some of you guys that own or have owned a server could inform an server n00b like me on the ins and outs. I'm also wondering about a few things like, is it possible to have more than one "world" on a server, if it is how big of a server would I need to run more than one, how easy is it to install and uninstall mods, simple probably super obvious to everyone but me kind of questions.

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Hello, My name is Poping19 :)

I'll be happy to help you create/manage a server, and i know quite a lot of hosts that are cheap, efficient etc.

A couple of things i'd like to know;

-Do you want a home hosted server? or a paid server?

-Will you make it public or private?

That's all :)

If you need me, i'll be in the corner of the room on my skype at : waqar_3361 (Add me on skype :P)

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