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SKYPE(Must have):

eta 1.7.3 8 july 2011 next update was 1.8(adventure update) spetembet 15, 2011

Age(16 or OLDER):
Well, I'm 14 .I dont have 16 years but I'am very good and frendly pleyer

Pros & Cons about yourself:
I play takkit and Feed the Beast and I'am pro in machine thnigs.

Bans(If any):
I don't have any bans In online server.

Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why:
My favorite youtuber is Bodil40
. Very popular youtuber . he is from my country (Bulgaria) and I love his videos .I love Sethbling he learn me how to make adventure maps and many more things:D I love PewDiePie but I dont see he make mincraft videos

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IGN: SillyGoosey

SKYPE(Must have): SillyGooseNati0n

Experience: Minecraft Alpha 1.0.0 (July 2010)

Age(16 or OLDER): 17

Pros & Cons about yourself: Respectful, Polite, Use grammar well, Better with smaller groups/servers. Not the best builder, but I try.

Bans(If any): None

Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: Ethoslab. Etho is an inspiration to me when it come to redstone and building. Like myself, he's very calm and down to earth. He has a brilliant mind, and he's funny. You can tell he puts a lot of hard work into his videos and what he does.

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IGN: fanaart

SKYPE(Must have): fanaart

Experience: I have 2 years expierience with minecraft.

Age(16 or OLDER): 16

Pros & Cons about yourself: I am very good at building and pixel art also i am not that guy who is not bothered to do big projects in survival , also my cons are that my grammar isnt the best because i am from the netherlands.

Bans(If any): Nope never.

Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: Minecrfated because he is very creative and a good editor also i think he is very funny and fun to watch!

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IGN: Brady220

SKYPE(Must have): iBrady130

Experience: I've been playing Minecraft for around 2 years and I'm experienced with some of the major mod packs as well as vanilla survival. I haven't as much experience with Hexxit however and am still learning its mods.

Age(16 or OLDER): 14 (going 15 soon) but hope to get into the server despite my age as I am a generally nice person and am quite reasonable.

Pros & Cons about yourself: Good grammar, polite, friendly, understanding, entertaining at times, can act a little immature but nothing too serious. I'm also okay at building but not the best in my 'group'. I am quite good at redstone contraptions!

Bans(If any): Once, but was an misunderstanding and was unbanned the next day.

Favourite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: The Yogscast, as I find them entertaining as well as a bit derpy, although their videos are less entertaining these days as well as less frequent.

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IGN: Failmasterftw

SKYPE(Must have): jordantm.richardson

Experience: I have played Minecraft for almost 2 years and have tried using a lot of mods. The recent mod packs I've played are Tekkit and DivineRPG and they were interesting although challenging. I'm not very experienced with Hexxit so I wish to learn the ropes and hopefully continue playing on this server.

Age(16 or OLDER): 13 going 14 in October.

Pros & Cons about yourself: I am very good at building and can do a variety of redstone contraptions. I have good grammar and am polite although I can be slightly immature but this doesn't show for the majority of the time.

Bans(If any): None I am glad to say. I have never used hacks for Minecraft as well!

Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: Editzp, because I find him to be hilarious although he has had many inactive phases.

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IGN: ImperialAceX

SKYPE(Must have): imperialacex87

Experience: Decent with most of Minecraft, but I enjoy Hexxit the most. Been playing Hexxit since it's addition to Technic

Age(16 or OLDER): 26

Pros & Cons about yourself: I'm helpful to most except beggars as a Pro. As for a Con, I will track down someone that griefs me without mercy...

Bans(If any): None.

Favorite Minecraft Youtuber & Why: Cavemanfilms for all the mod showcases.

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Experience:i play on hexxit alot time and on tekkit and FTB and i love play on hexxit and i spend alot of time to lern all the mods on hexxit and i now i know all the mods:)

Age: 16

Pros & cons about yourself:i have a youtube chanale not very popur but i love play on mod packs server with aother pupele

Bans:not at al

Favorite minecraft youtuber & way:

Skydoesminecraft is funny and cool and his videos are awesome but i love direwolf20 to cuz his modpack forgecraft 2 sereis.

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