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How do I get outta here?

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I went through a portal between two pillars of stone bricks, which took me to 2 intersecting corridors with iron doors, outside was the same substance the portal was made of (sort of blue/ light blue swirly stuff). Being curious, I broke the door and stepped into the stuff, when I did it teleported me to a world with no lighting, a huge red eye in the sky, and huge floating dominoes with eyes that open if you look at them. If they open fully, you are teleported to somewhere else in that world.

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lol, yeah wooden doors arent realiable either. the closest one spawned 5k from my home last time i got lost.

if youre in the limbo you can either find that pool stuff or get into another dim gate. or simply always have a linking book. you dont loose your stuff if you end in the limbo. i died a lot of times to that nasty tnt alley.

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