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making a hexxit/tekkit modpack

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Hi! i'm wondering to buy a online server with my friends, but some of us prefear tekkit and the others want an hexxit server, so i was wondering if it's possible to create a hybrid modpack witch include both of the modpacks.

you think it's possible, or there will be compatibility problems?

and if it's possible you think it will be too heavy and laggy?

Thank you very much

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or maybe allmost all of them, because i can guess there can be some compatibility issues, so we would like to have a server where we have the items to build nuclear stations, or spacerockets and similar stuf, bu also some modifies to the landscape as hexxit offers. for example i played tekkit when it was just one big pack including villages, hi tech items, nice dungeons and so on, you think it's possible?

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It is very do-able. We have 2 servers, 1 very high tech, with a bit of adventure stuff from Hexxit, and 1 is very Hexxit-like with just a bit of technology. I would pick one emphasis though, trying to incorporate all the mods from both packs would be a bit much I think. Our tech mod pack takes just over 2gb ram to run, and the Hexxit-like takes about 1.5gb ram to run.

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A challenge you can run into with doing big combinations like that is when you get to a large number of mods some people with less powerful computers will not be able to run your pack.


For instance. I have a custom pack for client/server. Once I went over 125 mods (reported by the client) there were some folks with WIndows XP 32bit that started having major problems running the pack. Also, if you are a texture pack person, even a 64x pack for a pack with a lot of mods can be a real piggy. The one for the pack I mentioned before that has 135 mods is a 64x Sphax pack and is well over 80M. Add that in and your client can really start hogging down the memory.

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