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Looking for Modpack Creator!

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Hey guys, my name is Spicytunacakes, and I love mods for minecraft, but even when following the guide, something would always go wrong with my modpacks. So, I'm turning to the forum to make me a modpack for 1.5.2! I'll post the links to the pages, what you do is make the pack and give me the link (preferably uploaded on technic website, but I can live with dropbox) Remember: Minecraft verison 1.5.2. The name for the mudpack is Minecraft Paradise


List of Mods:


Forge FML:

Chickenbones Core and Not Enough Items:



Dr. Zhark's Mo' Creatures:

Custom MobSpawner:

RPG Inventory:

Reis Minimap:

Mr. Crayfish's Furniture:


Biomes O'Plenty:

Minecraft Comes Alive:

Familiars API:


Pam's Harvest Craft:

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Optifine is most hardest mod to deal with, too many conflicts and incompatibilities with other mods, creating a modpack without optifine is easy. If you want to install optifine in this modpack you are going to have to do some coding for optifine.

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Also, do you know if you can have it done by wednesday or thursday?

I should have time to finish after school today.

So it's working good even with optifine?

So far.

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I don't really have the dropbox space of the Modpack slots open to host this for you, sorry.

But the important part is that there are no unzipping errors and no block ID conflicts, right?

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I have no Idea. It worked perfectly for me.

This is what I did:

  1. Copied the zip into my dropbox folder. (The client download thingie. It is equally possible but slightly different with the website)
  2. Waited for it to sync.
  3. Right clicked on the zip and clicked "Share dropbox link"
  4. Copied the URL into the box on the modpack page.
  5. Changed the "www." in the url to "dl."

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