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TechnicSolder Converter v1.0

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Not quite sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but I am working on something that'll reformat the classic zip file format into a TechnicSolder-friendly format.


Can reformat a modpack directory.

Verifies modpack directory format before attempting to reformat it


Clean-ish GUI

Features Not Yet Implemented (NYI)

Can reformat modpack zips

Future Features

All-In-One GUI

Export sql script to add stuff to TechnicSolder (planned)

User-Friendly Session Files. (Currently they are just encoded in JSON)

Optimizations (More direct methods to compile the mod repository)



I have a few screenshots, I'll list one of them below.

View the rest at http://imgur.com/a/ttb6a


NOTE: This is just to format the mod repo, it doesn't actually put the values into solder as of the moment (I am most likely not going to add that feature for a while)

This application is copyrighted with the CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 License

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I'm sure plenty of people would use this, considering how tedious starting out a modpack with solder is.

Zip/jar in mods dir zipped down in modslug dir - repeat as needed. This will actually speed the initial process up very much.

IMHO you should complete this. Very useful looking tool.

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Ok then, I'll probably try to fix the issues I'm currently having tonight, I also need to fix the templates/sessions, as they currently don't actually show up in the mass package configuration gui, I also need to fine tune the interface a little.

I'll post some updates later on, but at the moment I'm having issues with zipping, uhhg, zips are definitely not my strong point in java...

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Update; I've fixed the zip problem, apparently the whole time I had been trying to copy files from a nonexistent directory. As well I'm adding command line features so that it can skip through some of the steps via cmd line

I may add a full command-line based version, seeing as some people may want to do it directly on the webserver, which you would need to have a VPS that you had access to java on to be able to do the steps.

I also have forgotten to put in the code for unzipping the zips. I've been focusing on the directory portion because I plan to just extract the folder for now. I'll streamline it later, but as of the moment I just want to get it out there. Oh btw for anyone wondering, the sessions are stored in json, however the api I'm using is making so it creates an array then an object, thus making so I have to get the first object in that array to be able to access files, so going to have to take a peak at the api and fix it.

Quick question, where should I post the converter once I finish it

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Good work, just tested it and it works fine:)

Did take some trys but i got to how it works in the end.

So i bit more work on a user-friendly gui and you are golden:)

Yeah, I'm working quite a bit on a new UI, it's an All-In-One Design, Seeing as the current is like 10 dialogs, probably only 5, but still that's not that user friendly, I am having issues with the all in one version showing up in the taskbar, which I want it to. Btw do you want to become a beta tester, as of the moment I mostly test this program myself, but I am not one for knowing how easy something is to use, especially stuff of my design:P

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