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Tekkit classic Help via Patches for items

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So I know theirs probably a lot of people asking this but I cant seem to find there posts to just see what people said on theirs so im just making my own. I am staff on a Tekkit classic server and wanted to know if anyone knew any links to patches for any of the following items:

ComputerCraft: People can use it to access console and damage the server

Balkans Weapon Mod: People can bypass Pvptimer and anti-pvp areas with them

Wireless Jammer: When placed can damage players with godmode

Forcefeilds: Can bypass Grief protection

right-clicking of the katar: Crashes servers

REP: Can damage players in godmode and causes short amount of lag

concrete: Has conflicted ID code

Basalt/marble: Doesn't work on Shop signs

Theres more items but these are the major ones I would like to find patches for.

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