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Refining Uranium


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Refined uranium is from IC2, not included in Tekkit. Atomic Science has replaced the nuclear reactor part of IC2 and has its own uranium ore processing system.

Place the Uranium into a chemical extractor to make uranium hexafloride, then pump that into a nuclear boiler to make yellow cake, process the yellowcake into Breeding/Enriched uranium using a centerfuge. This gives you triple output of processing the Uranium directly.

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Slight correction, to get refined uranium in Tekkit(new), use a Chemical extractor to get yellow cake, then a nuclear boiler to get uranium hexafloride, then a centrifuge to get either enriched or breeder uranium. So, place the ore into the chemical extractor, pipe it's output to the nuclear boiler, then liquaduct or waterproof pipe from there into the centrifuge.

Also, do not touch either the yellow cake or the two uranium types without wearing either a hazmat suit, or a power suit with full radiation shielding. Radiation hurts. A lot.

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B:"Allow Radioactive Ores"=false

B:"Radioactive Ores"=false


Ore Generation

B:"Generate Uranium Ore"=false

Those are the three values I can see that have to do with the ore itself. The top two determine radioactivity while the bottom one generates the ore itself. Cofh's world.cfg is what controls most ore generation that I'm aware of and I don't see anything in there that would cause it to conflict with AS generating uranium (there is a Uranite entry but I believe that's for a different mod that isn't in Tekkit). All I can suggest is set the bottom option to true, find a new chunk and then go for it.

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The issue I have is that uranium ore is very rare and then you need the specific enriched uranium and not the breeding uranium to make the fissil fuel rod. So in essence you might find 4/5 uranium ore and get nothing for it as you might end up with only breeding uranium! Unless I am missing a trick!?

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