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[1.1.8] Resilience Is Back! [PvE] [24 Slot] [Greylist] [Limited Mystcraft]

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Tis the silence before the storm :P

And what a storm it will be

PS. Leave us messages or a list mil I want to build stuff at spawn be all of us don't know what you want and what you don't want

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There are changes in the air.

----- .---- -..-. .---- ----- -..-. .---- ....-

So, I decoded this, and was about to say it didnt make sense... but now I get it.

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Age: 15

Location: Crestview, Florida

Have you ever been banned from any servers?: Nope

Can you read and write English (Note, Rules are in English)?:Yes.

Summarize your MC/Tekkit Experience: Been playing for years on Vanilla. Since 1.0 beta. I've been playing tekkit(classic) for about a year now. Now I'm trying the new tekkit.

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Ok, so yes, the Tekkit server has been a bit quiet :). This has been for a good reason though... WE ARE LAUNCHING OUR OWN MODPACK!!! We are throwing the final touches on the server tonight and tomorrow... Anyone who is Whitelisted right now, will retain their status and no need for re applying... I will be creating the custom modpack forum post and linking it here folks... for now, PREPARE FOR MUCH MORE STABLE MODPACK!!!!


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So, by now I'm sure everyone who cares knows we're moving to our own modpack. I wanted to give you guys some firm detail in a handy F.A.Q format:

When will it happen?

Friday, January 10th, 2014. The transition will start between 7AM EST and 8AM EST. Both servers will be down for that period and the Tekkit server (explained below) will not be back online until later that night. The duration of downtime can't be given. Its a lot of files and configuration. It'll be live when its live.

What Mods are in the pack?

Here's a handy list of Mod's in the pack:

Can we have Mod X installed?

If it add's appreciable content, there is demand, its compatible and the license is not horribly restrictive, we'll look into it...

What's gonna happen to the Tekkit server?

For the moment nothing, we'll be moving servers around, running the Tekkit Map on our back up server so you can still play if you want. The resources for the back up server are less then our main server, but still playable.

Can I have my stuff from my old base back?

No. We're starting a clean slate here. Everyone starts from scratch. That being said we will be providing the Tekkit map as a download, so you can play on it in Single player if you wish.

I built an awesome ___, can you move it to the new server?


Why a custom pack? I like Tekkit.

Don't get me wrong. I like Tekkit too. I like a stable server more though. There are too many mods that don't add useful content that's not made redundant by another mod, or that we've had to limit or disable for server resources. Besides, with our own pack we have more leeway in regards to updates and additions. So if we find a mod that everyone likes, we can add it. That simple.

Who built the pack?

I did, I also built the server, and am general tech support for the servers. So if you find a problem, I'm your guy.

Why do you have Mod X instead of Mod Y?

Good question. Long answer. Here's the short-ish version. Every mod in the pack was hand picked for its content, stability, compatibility and a load of other reasons. If I've included something instead of something else (for example, MFR instead of Project Red) it was either due to instability, incompatibility or general "roughness". On the extreme end of things, some mods were left out due to Licensing restrictions. That's a separate topic tho.

How can I get the pack?

Once the server is live I will post the link to our pack page, you'll download the pack like any other mod pack for the Technic Launcher, It'll do everything it needs to. More detailed instructions will be on that page.

Dude, Tub. You're like super awesome.

Not a question. But thanks for the compliment.

Can I download the server files so I can run my own server of this pack?

No. Absolutely not. Never.

*****END F.A.Q*****

Right, so. If you have any other questions, shoot me a PM, I'll answer them. We'll see you there. Have a good night everybody.

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sweet dude sounds like an adventure waiting to happen

I don't believe I've said this enough

but thanks to all the mods and admins that have kept this community together your awesome xD

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Alrighty Folks! IT IS DONE!!! WAHOO! Special thanks to TehTub for his hardwork and dedication to building this ultra stable awesome ModPack as well! Additionally, to all of those mods and architects that volunteered to help make the spawn!!!

Please view the new modpack at:


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