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What can I do with my leftover cobblestone?


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Like weirleader said, put it in a DSU or

pulverize for sand --> you get sandstone, which is a cool building material

pulverize for sand and smelt it into glass

smelt into smooth stone --> stone bricks

I have pretty much automated every major building block with a DSU, so whatever renovations come up: I will have enough for it.

Actually I think that is pretty much the essence of Tekkit^^ Automate shit you had to farm previously.

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Build something massive. Cobble/Stone can be turned into Whitestone/Blackstone. My Drillbase (base just for laser drills) is made of Paved Whitestone. Alot of machines also use cobble as parts, mostly for the pistons and furnaces required in the crafting recipies.

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You can use minium stone

256 cobblestone -> 64 flint -> 16 clay -> (without minium) 4 clay blocks -> 1 iron ingot


256 dirt -> 64 gravel -> 16 clay -> (without minium) 4 clay blocks -> 1 iron ingot

from iron you can make gold and ender pearl. from gold you can make diamond.

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