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Best way to keep nasty creepers out of my base

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Skipping past MFFS to talk about other things first, Kotja's suggestion is still is the most basic method. I bet you could automate filling a vanilla dispenser with arrows with some AE magic. Some of the OpenCCSensors can be combined with ComputerCraft scripts to react on a couple of events like proximity or time of day. It's just a new trigger for old trap types.

Now I'll return to MFFS. The Modular Force Field System has a block called the Interdiction Matrix which can do things like stop mobs and friendly mobs from spawning, kill mobs and/or friendly mobs, attack players and a few other things. It's an end game thing though as it takes a sizable amount of power. The Tekkit wiki is rather bare on MFFS but search Youtube. The mod overviews explain how to use the mod but it's fairly straight forward.

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