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Server does not start.

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I created a new server which was great until it was slow and never started up there was no changes at all. I then deleted the server but there was a few files left which I for somereason cant delete so I then make a new server which now is worse clicking on Lauch.Bat asks for any key to be pressed then closes. Tekkit.Jar never even opens I need a Quick Fix as many use this server any info you need will be provided. My computer is Great-High end with an Intel I5 and 8GBs ram so I think its good hardware wise. My connection speeds are moderate and only sometimes go down.

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Can you please paste your launch.bat file.

If you're playing minecraft on the same computer the server is hosted on you will always see the server get affected by client lagg spikes. I would recommend hosting it on another computer if possible or even renting a server.

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