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Tom Mooney

[1.3.2]Vongola Craft[PvP][30 slots][Factions]All Ages!

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Welcome to Vongola Craft!



The Rules:

[1] No swearing - Jail

[2] No greifing CLAIMED areas - Ban (Over-claiming then unclaiming THEN greifing IS allowed)

[3] No caps in chat - Mute

[4] No arguing - Mute + Jail

[5] No Hacking / Game exploits - Ban

[6] No spawn killing - Jail


Banned Items:

[1]Infernal Chestplate

[2]All Lenses

[3]Destruction Catalyst

[4]Blackhole Band

[5]Void Ring

Major Plugins:




This is a server with a great range of staff. They are skilled at what they do and help those in need. You are likely to find at least one staff online at all time. This server is 24/7 although we will have restarts to help keep the server up to date. We are requesting friendly, mature players who will follow the rules and enjoy the game.

Come and join in!

We hope to see you soon.

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Hello there. I would like to play on your server, as would a friend of mine. My in-game name is Ferehn, and his is Dj_Slytechy. Thanks in advance.

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