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[1.3.9] Aaroncraft [Open][Antigrief][24/7]

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Welcome to Aaroncraft. My name isn't Aaron, I lost a bet with one of my friends. In any case, this server is an experimental foray into Minecraft hosting. There's no whitelist, but there is grief prevention to keep people's houses relatively safe. If we get enough people, we'll be looking into setting up PVP worlds with Mystcraft.

This is a small server so the number of players will be limited initially, but if there is enough interest we will look into upgrading the server's resources to accommodate. The server is backed up on a regular basis just in case.


This server was upgraded with Buildcraft Version 3.7.1. You will need to place the updated Buildcraft jar in your %AppData%\.technic\modpacks\bigdig\mods folder and delete the existing Buildcraft jar. You can easily reset this by selecting the "Reset Pack" option in the Technic Launcher if you wish to play on a base 1.3.9 server.

BuildCraft 3.7.1 for Minecraft 1.5.2

Server Features:

  • Grief Prevention
  • Essentials
  • Keep Inventory
  • Mob Griefing Disabled

Server Address:


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