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Trying to run japanese mod using Technic Launcher..

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I used Google translate to decipher most, but I don't know if the location I'm supposed to place some files is redirected by Technic or not to some other location or the (resources/mod/) folder.. This is the mcmp-1 mod (lets you play cassettes with your own music in them).. The Diamond Minecart did a review of it a while back (

) but it seems that with 1.6.4 the directory where the music goes into changed.. it is now

( 以下のフォルダに音楽ファイルを入れる [マイクラ1.6以降] %appdata%¥.minecraft¥assets¥virtual¥legacy¥sound¥MCMP1¥songs [マイクラ1.5.2まで] %appdata%¥.minecraft¥resource¥mod¥sound¥MCMP1¥songs (深いので、どこかにショートカットを作ると吉))

or translated by Google

( I put the music files in the following folder: [Micra 1.6 or later] % appdata% ¥. Minecraft assets ¥ ¥ ¥ legacy virtual sound ¥ ¥ ¥ MCMP1 Songs % [to Micra 1.5.2] appdata% ¥. minecraft ¥ resource ¥ mod ¥ sound ¥ MCMP1 ¥ songs (Since it deep, Gil When you create a shortcut somewhere) )

I jst don't get the assets/virtual/legacy/sound/MCMP1/songs..... is there such a location when you use the Technic Launcher?

Original Site ---> Portable music player [1.6.4] [sSP] MCMP-1 (Portable Music player MCMP-1)

ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated :)

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