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Looking for a private server to play with friends!

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Hello everybody. I'm a bit newer to Tekkit And most mod packs, but I really want to get into one. Dire wolf on the feed the beast launcher seemed really cool, but I figured tekkit would be a good, fun place to start :) the only issue I am running in to is.... PUBLIC SERVERS. I have yet to find a good server that is not white listed, and I get grieved, or the lag is terrible, etc. anyway, I am looking for a private server that would be white listed for me, my little brother and a few friends to join. They would keep to themselves mostly, but I am completely open to playing with everyone on the server.

I am 16, live in Washington, USA and i have Mumble, Teamspeak, and Skype.

Let me know through reply if you have an opportunity for me, and I'll reply!

Thanks, Kyota :3

Ps. I am usually on my comp like half of the day, so don't worry about inactivity :P

I might also record a series and put it on YouTube if I enjoy the experience :D

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