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[1.0.2]FaithsDarkness | UnitedWarfare | HaxirCraft|Factions PVP|DEDICATED!|300 Slots

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We are being DDOSED!! We will be back ASAP!

Server IP:

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED TO THE CHARITY!! Until Monday we will be giving a special kit to all who join, It should help you get on your feet fast! Just type "/kit special" in the chat.

Welcome to faithsdarkness! We have been around for a while and have just gotten off a small break. We would like to bring you one of the best BTeam servers around. Join us today and you too can help us build up our community while having fun!


No Spamming

No Full Caps

No greifing safezoned areas

Dont be a total asshole

Banned Items:

Trust me they are coming.


Factions (with faction chat)





32 GB Ram

1GBPS Connection

DDOS Protection

Dedicated Personal box

We will be adding image in the coming days!

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Current Status Update:

The server is down from a DDOS again (a crash hack program that overloads servers).

- We are working on it now, will attempt to have it up within the half hour, sry, but talk to the hackers about it

Shop Updates:

I am currently working on a Dragon Hatchery, which will be added to the shop when I am able to do so appropriately.

I am adding a mail box to shop, if functional, please put requests for new shop items there.\

Build Updates:

We are working on the arena, we have one made, but the pvp settings will not work within it correctly.

- Nevertheless, I am starting a contest, where, the player with the best arena will have it become the main arena, and will earn there name as the name of the arena.

Other Notes:

We really enjoy all of the traffic, and i will be attempting these status updates, once a day, if permitted to

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