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Thermal Expansion has its own power generation using the dynamo's they produces RF and can be wired to your machines using energy conduit's. MFR can also takes RF. I'm not sure about galacticraft but I imagine it can also take RF, if not then it probably has its own power block.


ETA: I just typed galacticraft into my NEI search box and I see that it has a power block called "coal generator" so if TE's RF doesn't work then use that.

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How can i use dynamo's? I have them. Also I have coal generator, but it generates coal by using power which I can't find at all. Do you know how to collect cobalt ores at the nether? I have collected some but by using minions.


Umm i dont know what machine you were using, but it wasn't the coal generator, the coal generator does indeed generate power for galacticraft.


And a steam dynamo needs water and coal, water can be pumped into it using a aqueous accumulator

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How can i use dynamo's? I have them. Also I have coal generator, but it generates coal by using power which I can't find at all. Do you know how to collect cobalt ores at the nether? I have collected some but by using minions.

Diamond can't mine the nether ores(cobalt and ardite), I believe you need to make a steel pick to mine them.

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i have this problem as well. I decided to use a battery, Change it in the "Energy storage module"

But to make the energy module you need compressed stuff and to make the compressor and to make that you need a basic wafer and fora basic wafer you need a circuit fabricator and that doesnt work with the coal generator :(

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There is a electric compressor and a normal one. The normal one runs on coal.


you need to connect the generator to an energy storage. Charge batteries And use those to power the machines.


Edit: Dint read the question right XD.

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I have had issues with using galacticraft power generation. (Coal generator, solar, etc.) I can hook up the solar panel to an gc energy storage module and it will fill up, allowing me to charge a battery, which I can in turn put into the rest of the gc machines, but directly powering gc machines with gc generated power is glitchy at best.


My solution has been to use magmatic dynamos from Thermal Expansion. The fuel source is lava (which should be obvious from the name lol.) I use the TE Magma crucible powered by 3 magmatic dynamos. The magma crucible's lava is pumped into a tank, which fuels both the dynamos powering the crucible AND the rest of the dynamos in the system. (Basically one dynamo for each machine, including all the galacticraft machines.) I use fluiducts to move the lava and itemducts to feed netherrack (or cobble) into the magma crucibles.


It's a little inelegant, but it works.

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I run my Circuit Fabricator from my Redstone Energy Cell via Redstone Energy Conduit.  You have to connect the conduit to the left side of the fabricator.  The energy conduits connection will match up to the square on the side of the fabricator.  To get power to my Redstone Energy Cell I started with a steam dynamo directly connected to the top.  I then moved up to a Biofuel generator being fed by an automatic carrot farm.  This provided some power, but had to be supplemented with bone marrow, seeds, saplings,... after adding a mob spawner and grinder.  I found that a Galacticraft Advanced Solar Panel now keeps my energy cell fully charged with 10M of power with everything running.  I've even turned off the biofuel generator because of the power surplus.  One note:  I connected the Advanced Solar Panel to my Redstone Energy Cell using aluminum wire right up to the last connection block.  I connected the final block space using a single piece of Redstone Energy Conduit.  If I tried to connect the aluminum wire directly to the cell, the power wouldn't pass from the solar panel.  Additionally, if I tried using just Redstone Energy Conduit, it wouldn't allow the power in the solar panel to pass to the cell either.   

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This is a bump from some time ago - there was an update to galacticraft that broke the way its wires were working (fixed not but not in the current version of B-team, should be with the next version.


Workarounds for now are;

Use TE Dynamo's for generation and TE conduits for the rest of the system.

Use MFR Steam Engine for generation and TE conduits for the rest of the system.

Use a Galacticraft powersource, preferably one wire coming out of it and the rest of the system be TE conduits.  Be careful not to connect conduit to wire more than once per circuit, you'll get other problems if you do.

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