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Hello everybody! if the attack of the b team creators see this then you should listen carefully!

I want to suggest you to add 2 new mods which are: 
1) ThaumCraft 3



2) IndustrialCraft 2  



 I really think them both will make this modpack even greater and more awesome than what it's already is.

Thx :D

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I disagree with both of those mods.


The only part of IC2 that really fits thematically is probably the crop sticks, and sticking it in the pack would be like nailing a semitractor cab on a 2010 taurus frame. It's also highly buggy beta and in a brutal state of flux... difficulties surround it.


Thaumcraft doesn't fit at all. it is VERY magical, and the pack is all about chemistry and genetics. Not to mention that someone stuffs TC3 into every damned mod pack coming out regardless of it's appropriateness or thematic fit.


mad science. genetics. evil genius. Hordes of monsters and slaves. witchery fits the bill because it's all about chemistry and potions.


Besides, you get to shapeshift into a flying, fireproof Blaze easily, can make superweapons and supertools (That dramatically outclass anything IC2 and thaumcraft together have to offer) with tinker's, quarry, landscape, and strip-log entire countrysides with minions, automate EVERYTHING with MFR and TE, and make awesomely amazing looking lairs with carpenter's and chisel. What on earth would TC3 or IC2 have to offer that isn't already there and already better?

Except cropsticks.


Us evil genius have more important work to be doing than sitting in front of a craft table making a component to make a component to make a component to make a component to make a small disposable part to make another machine work. Stuff like hatching dinosaurs, breeding monsters, making frankensteins and building our great and terrible lair. lit with redstone torches so it has the appropriate ambience.

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if i can suggest some mods..


1: Iron Chests []


2: Better Storage []


3: Applied Energetics []


as you can see all my suggestions involved having a mod about storage spaces.. vanilla chests are to small and TE strongbox are just a pain to make and harldy even give more storage.... anyways its just a suggestion

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I would agree that AE fits the pack thematically, but I think better storage would be a better fit... I add it into my sp games. AE would give you a nice power sink, though. I do agree another storage option would be nice, though. you kinda have 'vanilla chest' and then 'deep storage units' and nothing in between.

Jabba or barrels+ would be nice too. heck, at this point I'd even be happy with ancient warfare's warehouse. I get tired of tropicraft chests flashing invisible constantly.

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I get the impression the tech mods in this pack are selected to try and cover all bases, without having too many alternatives. It does this very well, so if a storage mod were to be added, it would, in my opinion, need to be solely for storage. I would therefore kinda prefer iron chests if anything.


The portable storage thing is already covered, so i would say Better Storage would be unnecessary.


But yeah, storage is hard.

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btw, I have sorta realized that the pack sorta sucks for servers... I went 15k away from start point and still couldn't find a single darwin, sugar cane, or anything. brutal.


my best suggestion for a modpack would be to get rid of BoP... it makes it too hard to find anything.

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OP, if you bothered reading Azanor's thread on MCF you would know that he blanks no to adding his mod to public packs.

Technic respects that and will therefore not add it.


As for IC2, get over it. Even dinosaurs are more "hip" than that ancient mod. Get ahead of the times, yo!

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